Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bones & Cartilage....

Bone and cartilage is what I learned about today....I was completely confused in class today yet again. It seem like I understand what we talk about every other day. How sad. I hope I understand what we talk about tomorrow.

I also did not have enough time to finish my lab... :(
So I will have to go to the basement sometime and finish my drawing on crushed bone.
One would think that two hours would be enough, but apparently not.

Today I took in a LOT of information.
We talked about Hyaline cartilage(matrix,collagen, perichondrion,chodrogenic cells,chondrocytes, chodroblasts, and histogenesis), Elastic cartilage, Fibro cartilage, bones (matrix, hydroxyapatite, vascular supply, volkmann's canal, haversian canals, peristeum, and endosteum), Bone cells (osteogenic cells, osteoblasts, osteocyte, and osteoclasts), Types of classifications, Histogenesis, Histophysiology, and joints.

We had a lecture of all of this in the morning which also continued for another hour in the afternoon then we went on to the lab in which we saw developing long spongy bone and crushes bone under the microscope and again had to draw and label what we learned. We also took a miny quiz in which we do not get graded on, but are review from yesterday. Out of six questions I got two wrong! Its great to know that most of the information stuck on!

I will also never look at Chiclets and ti die the same way ever again....Chiclets remind me of simple cuboidal epithelia and ti die reminds me of bone cells!

Big shocker! I finally got around to researching Androgen Insesitivity Syndrome and I found out that it is a set of disorders of sex development caused by mutations of the gene encoding the androgen receptor. The nature of the resulting problem varies according to the structure and sensitivity of the abnormal receptor. A person with complete androgen insensitivity syndrome has a female external appearance despite a 46XY karyotype and undescended testes, a condition termed "testicular feminization" in the past.

Carla Ramirez