Sunday, June 21, 2009


So yeah, right now, with everyone on the floor here, its pretty busy. We're all in the double of a Turkish student named Kaan and a French student named Paul currently. Just listening to music, surfing the internet and what not. I've got quite a few techies on my floor, they were able to speed up my internet connection, which I can not thank them enough for. The normal wi-fi is super slow since every single student is on it.

So yeah my living condition is floor style, most rooms are doubles with a couple singles. I'm rooming with a guy named Enis - or well supposedly. He's not here yet and when he arrives, it'll be good and bad. Good because I'll have a roomate. Bad, because well, his name is prounced like mine. Yes, somehow there's this cruel joke being played with the room assignments. A couple doors down Alexander and Alejandro are roomed together too. But in my case, as soon as Enis arrives, when he arrives, there's gonna be a lot of confusion going on in the hall. Pretty much everyone I've met so far wants to meet this Enis kid, who's Turkish by the way, only because it'd be Dennis and Enis living together.

Yeah, it's a lot different than last year at Columbia. It was floorstyle then, but we all had singles so there wasn't a lot of forced interaction or interaction at all. But this year, pretty much everyone is social, we all hang out in someone's room, we all leave our doors open when we're in our room, a lot more of an inviting environment.

Back On Brown

This is really great. It feels so great to be back on Brown campus, it is so familiar. On our way to providence, on the plane, I realized I do not like plane rides, but it was all worth it to be here. I got a little sick on the flight but as soon as I stepped on to providence ground I was all better. This year me and my fellow ivy leaguers got separated into different houses and dorms, but it was for the better to meet new people. Tomorrow I will start my first day of my psychology course, I have just picked up all my books and I can say I have a lot of reading to do,but I am okay with that. I am so excited for this I cant wait for tomorrow.

I have meet a lot of new people with the social gatherings and the events set up by Brown.

I seriously can not wait to see what my class will be like.

Sorority House!

I finally met my room mate!

My room mate's name is Harleen she is super nice and we get along really well! I am glad we do!She had a four hour drive to arrive here in Providence from New Jersey.

Yes, my room is in a Sorority house, horrible!

I'm super exhausted. I hope that it will be less windy tomorrow because I only brought a light sweater! I will just have to endure for now...

I went to the ice cream social which was fun. I met lots of new people from all over the country!


Rain Rain Go Away!!!

It's the big Brown Bear outside of Sayles hall!

The notorious nine under the Wayland Arch.

Cynthia waiting in line to check in.

Our welcome to check in

Actually the rain is not that bad, just a constant mist...

Well, it was check in day so we met this morning to get all checked in then went to Thayer St. for breakfast and to the bookstore to get books. On to the linen, fridge, fan and microwave rental center. After the Dean's Welcome the parents were instructed to go home so I took my cue!

The kids have a busy afternoon and evening and class tomorrow. They are doing well, a few glitches but all is well. We are a little tired and jet lagged but that will pass soon. The university is—of course—beautiful: so old, bricks everywhere including the sidewalks, greenery everywhere, and every building named after an important—for some reason—English gentleman of the past. Around every corner and wrought iron fence is a big lush green quad or a square.

Tomorrow while the kids are starting classes, I am going to explore this fun city and go to Johnson and Wales University until I meet up with them.

I will keep you posted. Enjoy the photos!


Morning all, this is the ILC coming at you from the Brown Bookstore.
There is about 9 of us, hoarding the computers trying to blog.
We arrived yesterday after a really tiring flight and we discovered that we didn't even have wifi!
But just know, we have not forgotten about you all. We will blog as soon as we sign up for our wifi! More to come later! We're off to get our sheets (=
We are in the bookstore where we actually have connection. Yesterday was very tiring and exhausting. I know I'm trying to adjust to the time change. I got my schedule and my class is in the late afternoon. Thank God I don't have to buy any books. : ) Hope the rest of my sunday is relaxing before my classes tomorrow.

In the brown bookstore

After a six hour flight... i got sick.

I got sick on the way from Chicago to Providence...I felt like I was going to faint and maybe even throw up. But Ginger Ale and Aspirin saved the day!!

When I got to Brown I was super exited to see weather i was in a single room or if I was going to have a roommate.....I am still waiting to meet my roommate.

My room is creepy looking and scary in the dark!! :(

We made it!

Hello everyone,

We finally made it to Rhode Island yesterday at around 5pm after a 4-hour flight to Chicago and a 2-hour flight to Providence. We're all in the Brown Bookstore right now blogging since we couldn't get internet last night.

This morning the group went to check in and receive our Brown IDs and we're at the bookstore right now to get our books and notebooks for class tomorrow. I can't believe I'm actually going to my class tomorrow at 10 am. I've been dying to learn about psychology for so long!

Well, I have to go right now. I'll definitely blog about orientation and I'll post pictures soon!

After a 6 hour flight ...

Hello all.

We are now at Brown and BLOGGING!!!! Well, we are at the bookstore and just got our books. We finally found out our class and schedule. I cannot wait to meet my roommate. I am so happy that we have finally arrived. It feels good to meet new people and just bond.

I am still anxious for what will happen next. Tomorrow will officially be the first day of class and I do not know what to expect. I admit, I'm a little scared. Well now I am off to see what Providence have to offer.

(This is my official first blog since we arrived at Brown. How exciting!)

Brown Bookstore

Right now we're in the Brown Bookstore buying our books and school supplies. It's really nice in the bookstore because they just remodeled. We weren't able to blog last night because we didn't have Internet access. We are all split up into different dorms, but most of us are still in the same quadrant. Even though I'm in Jameson and Courtney is in Everett we can just look down the hall and see each other.

Yesterday was a very long tiring day! From the plane to getting settled in, everything was just exhausting. But we finally made it here safe and sound! I still can't believe that we're here and actually starting class tomorrow! Well we're leaving the bookstore now! I'll blog more later!


Sitting next to Dennis, hijacking the bookstores laptop's and internet connection...

We got into Providence last night, in time to enjoy the fog. I feel like I didn't even leave home, at least as far as the weather's concerned.

Checked into my dorm room last night, I have a single again. What a strange coincidence. Interestingly, I'm staying in a fraternity (or is it a sorority? I can't quite tell. It has two greek letters, but there is definitely a men's bathroom. Is it a "frarority" ?)

Tomorrow, my course starts. i have the longest day out of anyone. Lucky me!

Until then,
Joseph Young

It's Gonna Be A Long Day

Blogging from the Brown Bookstore. Everyone's picking up there books and I'm at the tech section checking my email. No internet last night as we all didn't have login accounts to the Brown Wi-fi. We're all still jet-lagged and tired from the long day yesterday and today is well... going to be another long day.

Interestingly enough, we have different schedules for classes. Some of us only have classes in the morning, some in the afternoon, some all day. Orientation is in the afternoon and it'll be our first time meeting everyone. Last night, there were about 0 people in the dorms aside from us. It's seriously a maze in the dorms; we're all in the same building but in different sections of it. It's hard to explain but its hard to figure out too.

I slept without covers last night; kinda cold. It's overcast and rainy today, and going to be like that for the next couple days. Feels too much like home. It'll change soon hopefully.