Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sorority House!

I finally met my room mate!

My room mate's name is Harleen she is super nice and we get along really well! I am glad we do!She had a four hour drive to arrive here in Providence from New Jersey.

Yes, my room is in a Sorority house, horrible!

I'm super exhausted. I hope that it will be less windy tomorrow because I only brought a light sweater! I will just have to endure for now...

I went to the ice cream social which was fun. I met lots of new people from all over the country!


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Don Gosney said...


Ahhh...a fine Joisey girl for a roomie. She looks like she's well at ease already.

Sorry, too, about your thoughts on staying in a sorority. Aside from it being "horrible" what are your issues with staying in a sorority?

I've checked he weather report and it looks like you'll have more of the same throughout Wednesday so I hope that light sweater works for you.