Friday, July 3, 2009

Having fun with the Columbia Students

Being in New York for the first time in my life was exiting! It's something not even in my wildest dreams I thought would ever happen! We visited Columbia and Barnard and I learned that if I want to go there I would need lots of bug repellent, because the mosquitoes were attracted to me and biting! On the way there I read the book "The Color of Water" to kill time. Unlike on the way back I was so tired that I only read two pages and fell fast asleep.
Visiting all these different campuses give me the privilege to figure out which school are for me and which aren't. Honestly I thought that Columbia would be a nice fit for me, but being there I wasn't really comfortable. The campus was beautiful but I could not imagine myself doing anything more than just visiting the campus.
I think that if more students from the district got to know more about these colleges or got to visit these different colleges more students would be applying to these excellent schools that are located in the East Coast and in the Mid-West. It surely has helped me begin to create a mini list of school I will be applying to this coming fall and which I won't be applying to.

Carla Ramirez
Today, I woke up to the blaring of a thunder storm. I don't think I've heard that much thunder before in my life. When dennis and I got to the vw for breakfast, a large portionnof the dining hall was flooded. I wonder if flooding is a normal thing at brown... I hope not.

In lab today, I sicceafully isolated my own DNA. Once this was done, we used a spectropetometer at two different eve lengths to determine the DNA to protein ratio. A number above six is considered sufficiently pure for analysis. My sample was 1.73 which is very pure. In addition, we isolated pdna from the cells I mentioned previously, which we used a restricion digest on and then will electrophores on Monday.

Tomorow it's off to New York!
Until then,
Joseph Young


Today was all about teamwork. I started off my day at 8:00 because of the ropes course. It started to rain, so we actually did it inside. We did multiple puzzles such as the magic carpet, and the maze. What I focused on today was not just how to have fun, but I learned about relationships and team building.

The magic carpet was one of the hardest tasks and the one I remember the most. We all had to flip over the carpet to the other side while standing on it, and by not using our hands. The only way we had to do this was through communication. There were also blind/ disease having people, that could not really contribute. What I learned and am willing to take back home with me, is helping others in need. There were blind people in our game, how are they suppose to know where to go? There were also mute people playing in our game, how are they suppose to contribute? Even if people are different I still think that we should help them out by either walking them through it, or showing them the way. The idea of "showing people the way" can also be used in real life problems too.

The maze game was all about memory. There was one ways to get across the maze in a series of 10 steps. However there were about 4 by 4 squares and we had to go in the correct order. If you messed up, then you would have to start from the beginning. This game was about paying attention to the people in front of you, and learning from yours and their mistakes. This can be used in real life because people do have to learn from their mistakes and make sure that it doesn't happen again. It's just like writing an essay. You should always write out a draft first and then have someone correct it to see what you did wrong so you can make it better. Like what if I wanted to write an essay about Ruth Simmons and got everything completely wrong? At least I would have a draft that people could look at first to tell me, "Hey that's not right!" Then I could change it to the correct things, I basically learned about using trial and error with a group of people.

This whole course reminded me of one thing, the book Never Eat Alone. The whole idea today was about working together, helping out your teammates, and sometimes relying on them. This course also helped build stronger relationships and helped us trust each other a little more. Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi talks about just that. When I go back to California I should not work on my effort to change the world on my own. I should find people that are willing to help me out, share my same cause, and even make some sacrifices along the way. Building on relationships is an important thing because every big person who made a change from Oprah, to Ruth Simmons, and even Barack Obama had to get to where they are today by building relationships and trust along the way. I have to be willing to do the same if I want change.


Tomorrows forecast: Partly sunny in the morning then becoming mostly cloudy. A chance of showers and thunderstorms. Highs around 80. West winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 40 percent.

I was just checking the weather as I was getting ready to go to bed. This week has been way more interesting than last week. I decided that I really do like the environment here at Brown. It's very relaxed and this is the kind of environment I want to live in when I go to college. When I go back to El Cerrito, I will tell people what I like about Brown. People tell me how much they want to study in a relaxed environment and to all those people, I will strongly suggest that they check out Brown.