Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Very Busy Weekend

The past couple of days have really been busy and also has been a challenge to me. On Friday as you know we all went to New York City. It was so beautiful and plus it was my first time being there. My major highlight of the trip was Ellis Island, something about that place made me feel really humble and so lucky. Also Ground Zero was very touching, I just started thinking of all the people who died and how their families felt. Even though I really didn't get to see all of Columbia I still think its a really nice campus. The campus is like in the heart of the city and it seems like it would be very hard to really focus because there's so much to do.One thing I didn't like about the trip was that I got sick because of the boat and plus I really didn't eat anything.

Then on Saturday I went to Newport and it was very nice. I got to see the mansions, walk around, and enjoy the nice weather. The houses were amazing, I think its crazy that it was just summer homes for the people. There was one house that had fifteen rooms in it and I can fit my dorm in there plus more.

Today I met with one of my teachers so I can work on my action plan. Then later my class watched "Freedom Song" which was a very good movie it starred Danny Glover. It was basically about the start of SNCC in Mississippi.

Overall my weekend was good.

So Many Colleges...So Little Time!!

Yep, we did something kind of nuts, we visited 7 colleges on Sunday!! Mercedes, Carla and I met up with Ms Pelley from Richmond High at 9 am and she, being a Wellesley graduate, had graciously offered to take anyone to have an indepth tour of her alma mater. We did have a wonderful all outdoor tour because the holiday weekend had everything pretty closed up. So, after having lunch in the town of Wellesley, we headed off to Babson College, a Division 1, mostly business school, Boston University, Olin School of Engineering, Harvard (again), Boston College and Pine Manor College. I will let the girls tell you more about each one but let me say it was a very full day with a wonderful hostess. I, unfortunately, was not able to bring back literature but I have pictures and we all got a good feel for each one. Tomorrow is Monday, back to the routine, but what a wild weekend!

Seven campuses in a day!

Our initial plan was to visit Mt. Holyoke, Smith, and Wellesley. Well that was not the case. In a day we visited 7 different campuses! We went to Wellesley, Babson, Olen, Boston University, Harvard, Boston college, and Pine Manor. Looking at all these beautiful campuses was a lot to take in for a day. My favorite overall has to be Wellesley not just because of the beautiful campus but because I just got a special connection with the school sounds a bit cliche but learning more in depth about the school made me realize that this was a place that I would love to spend four years of my life. I learned that Wellesley girls can take classes in Harvard, MIT, and some in Babson Business University. Another thing that I loved about Wellesley was that you are guaranteed four years of housing and they are strong on the sciences! The last thing that I thought was interesting about Wellesley was that they keep traditions alive like a wooden ring tossing contest between the girls, though in the older day the girl who won was going to be the first to get married now it is the girl who wins will be successful first. A lot has changed, learning about Wellesley's past was interesting. I found out why everything is so far apart, its so that the girls wouldn't gain weight.

11 hours of sleep.

It's been a long weekend.

On Friday, we went to NYC. The Big Apple was exciting, though we walked around on an empty stomach most of the day. We had an awesome time visiting Columbia. We explored the campus a little and got a feeling of what campus life is. My highlight of the day was when we saw the Statue of Liberty. I was hesitant at first to go on the tour and the ferry but it turned out to be worth it, as always. Seeing the Statue of Liberty left me in awe because it was so big and so beautiful. To be honest, I thought it would just be like the pictures but it was so much better than that. I'm glad I went and I'm glad we decided to go on the ferry.

On Saturday, the Summer at Brown program took us to New Port. I didn't go to the beach but instead, we explored downtown. New Port was amazing and it made me want to go to Brown even more. The people were nice, the sights were nice and the shops were nice. I couldn't think of a highlight even if you asked me to because the whole experience was amazing. I wish I could have gone to the beach because from what I hear, it was also amazing, but I guess I'll have to wait until next time.

We were able to sleep in today, and that was the highlight of this Sunday so far.

One Busy Independence Day Weekend

Strange how this is the first opportunity I've had to actually post this whole weekend; I never thought I'd be this worn out and exhausted not doing school work till the wee hours of the morning.

It was so great to be able to go back to New York City Friday. Riding the subway, weaving through pedestrian traffic - I couldn't help but be nostalgic. Stepping back on to Columbia's Campus, I realized how much I actually missed it and loved it. It was a different experience this time being on campus. Last summer, I was actively taking classes and galavanting across the city, so I never really took the opportunity to take a good look at the campus. Secondly, I didn't know as much about looking at colleges as I do now. But now knowing the information about colleges and the experience of being on Columbia's campus, going back there was a treat and allowed me to take in what I hadn't taken in already last summer.

The next day, a bunch of us went to Newport to soak up the sun! We lucked out with the weather this time around, it was sunny the whole day! No rain, no thunderstorm, just a peaceful day. I went with my friend Alli on the cliff walk which was a trail that followed the cliff on one side of Newport. It was beautiful and made the 2 week wait for sunny weather worth it. At night, we went to Waterfire and enjoyed the fireworks! All in all, I'm glad that for one day, we were able to go around and enjoy the weather, enjoy the atmosphere, and enjoy our time-off. Sometimes, we just need to relax.

Fourth of July.

Once again, it was an early morning. To get to Newport. We had to be
at the bus station by eight thirty.

When we got to Newport, we were able to enjoy the second day of good
weather we've had. After exploring the shops for a little while,
Karen, our friend from texas who is going to be taking advanced
placement photography next year—how can you grade someones
photograph? Besides basic technique, it seems way too subjective to
me, Gina and I went to the beach. It was beautiful, even if I did get
sunburned. I'd love to go back... The water was so warm... compared to

When we got back, I went to dinner with my friend Perihan (pronounced
peh-dee-han it's Turkish). Afterwards, we discussed our opinions on
colleges. It was interesting to see how she still hasn't found a
campus that she can see herself at, she likes Berkeley, but it's too
big, whereas I have my heart set, and can only see myself at one
college, brown.

Finally, it was time to show an Italian how we so it for independence
day, so we went to see the fireworks and the waterfire.

Tomorrow, I can't wait to sleep in!

Until then,
Joseph Young

Fourth of July!!

Wow! I over slept today and was not able to go to the New Port trip. :(
I was too tired from the New York Trip, But I was determined to have an educational experience while being here at Brown. So Mercedes and I, who also overslept went out for a self guided tour of Brown. Not as great as the self guided tours with Mr. Ramsey but we managed. We found that there is a museum of anthropology here at Brown which was unfortunately closed, but I really want to see it so I will go some time this coming week.

Being here at Brown with nothing to do made me think about why I am considering an all woman's school and what the district needs to do to make classes more rigorous. Like I said in one of my past blogs that Introduction to Biomedical Science has been really challenging and that I had to go look for extra help from the TA's and Dean Thompson they didn't come to me asking if I needed help. I realize that teachers don't do that in high school, they walk around the room and ask if anybody needs help and we become accustomed to this which is why I think most students are shocker when they attend college. If our teachers were more like the professors in universities in which students have to go to them for help instead of the other way around students would be more prepared. Also I think that it is completely wrong for teachers to lower the rigor for the much slower students to catch up. I think that by them doing that they are not just hurting those slower students but the much advanced students as well. In college NO professor will lower their standards for the slower students those students have to raise to their standards which should be happening more in high school classes.
As far as the all women's college go I think that I don't really mind being with all women because I am not planning on having a boyfriend or husband any time soon. I want to focus on my studies and my future job and until I have completed those goals a boyfriend or husband will NOT be popping up into the picture. I think that with no boys I will be able to focus much more on my studies and I will be able to take a clear path in achieving those goals.