Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Very Busy Weekend

The past couple of days have really been busy and also has been a challenge to me. On Friday as you know we all went to New York City. It was so beautiful and plus it was my first time being there. My major highlight of the trip was Ellis Island, something about that place made me feel really humble and so lucky. Also Ground Zero was very touching, I just started thinking of all the people who died and how their families felt. Even though I really didn't get to see all of Columbia I still think its a really nice campus. The campus is like in the heart of the city and it seems like it would be very hard to really focus because there's so much to do.One thing I didn't like about the trip was that I got sick because of the boat and plus I really didn't eat anything.

Then on Saturday I went to Newport and it was very nice. I got to see the mansions, walk around, and enjoy the nice weather. The houses were amazing, I think its crazy that it was just summer homes for the people. There was one house that had fifteen rooms in it and I can fit my dorm in there plus more.

Today I met with one of my teachers so I can work on my action plan. Then later my class watched "Freedom Song" which was a very good movie it starred Danny Glover. It was basically about the start of SNCC in Mississippi.

Overall my weekend was good.


Madeline Kronenberg said...


I'm glad you got to experience Ellis Island -- quite the bit of history isn't it?

From Ellis Island to Newport in 24 hours -- spans history and class in a dramatic way.

I'm glad the weather was nice for the holiday and that you got a chance to walk around without getting wet.

It sounds like your class is very busy and I'm particularly glad you got a chance to put together your "action plan". I'd love to hear how you and your teacher developed it and exactly how you plan to execute it. One of the things we can bring back to all our schools is how schools like Brown strategize with students to help them succeed. Your "action plan" is a great example of that strategy. I look forward to hearing more about it.

Keep on enjoying your time -- it will go by fast.

Don Gosney said...


It’s great to read your blogs but you covered so much territory this weekend yet you’re only teasing us with your telling.

Half a sentence on Ellis Island. One sentence on Ground Zero. Two sentences on Columbia.

We’d love to read more about what you saw, what you did and your thoughts on it all. Won’t you amplify on your experiences just a bit? [You don’t have to go into too much detail about getting sick from the boat ride.]

Did you have class on a Sunday? What was the movie about (aside from the one sentence synopsis you gave us). What was it that you found interesting about the movie and did it inspire you to seek out more information about the SNCC in Mississippi?