Sunday, July 5, 2009

11 hours of sleep.

It's been a long weekend.

On Friday, we went to NYC. The Big Apple was exciting, though we walked around on an empty stomach most of the day. We had an awesome time visiting Columbia. We explored the campus a little and got a feeling of what campus life is. My highlight of the day was when we saw the Statue of Liberty. I was hesitant at first to go on the tour and the ferry but it turned out to be worth it, as always. Seeing the Statue of Liberty left me in awe because it was so big and so beautiful. To be honest, I thought it would just be like the pictures but it was so much better than that. I'm glad I went and I'm glad we decided to go on the ferry.

On Saturday, the Summer at Brown program took us to New Port. I didn't go to the beach but instead, we explored downtown. New Port was amazing and it made me want to go to Brown even more. The people were nice, the sights were nice and the shops were nice. I couldn't think of a highlight even if you asked me to because the whole experience was amazing. I wish I could have gone to the beach because from what I hear, it was also amazing, but I guess I'll have to wait until next time.

We were able to sleep in today, and that was the highlight of this Sunday so far.


Charles Tillman Ramsey said...

Thanks Cynthia,

I am glad that you were open minded and trusted the Chaperone's judgment. Seeing the Statute of Liberty is also a treat. Hopefully other students will have the chance to do the same in the future.

From your post it appears that you are settling on Brown as a possible college to attend, I had hoped to get your analysis about Columbia. Dennis and Courtney, in reading their posts, seem inclined to at least apply to Columbia. Do you see yourself doing so and if so, why? and if not, why not?

I would love to hear your thoughts about our efforts as sponsors of the Ivy League Connection. Have we met your expectations? Are you happy that you attended the program at Brown this summer? Let us know.

Glad that you got 11 hours of sleep. It has been many a years since I was able to have that happen for me. Enjoy it now.

Thanks again and I am glad that the trip is going well.

Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
School Board Member
West Contra Costa
Unified School District

Don Gosney said...


We’ve been seeing a lot of news clips about the re-opening of access to the French lady’s torch. There was even a nice story about how one of our locals got tickets for his girlfriend and a couple of other friends and while his friends stopped the traffic he took advantage of just he and his gal pal being alone in the torch to propose to her. A nice feel good story (she said yes).

It’s good that you had a chance to see the big lady up close and personal. You have to believe that seeing some things in person is better than just watching the National Geographic special.

And, of course, it’s good to hear you’re finding things about Brown worthwhile, too.

Cynthia Fong said...

Mr. Ramsey,

When we were at Columbia, we took a glance around. I can't say that I know enough about it yet to really decide whether or not I want to apply there. I know it's reputation and I've seen the buildings, but I would really like to be able to come back and visit during the school year so I can get a real feel for the campus. I want to also take a tour of the campus because I feel like we took a quick glance, but we probably didn't get it all.

I am ecstatic about the Brown program this year, and I am definitely grateful that I got the opportunity to participate in this amazing program.

Madeline Kronenberg said...


I know our time was very short at Columbia and you are wise to want to visit and tour it again.

You can always visit the website and connect with our former ECHS students who are (and will be attending Columbia this fall) (Kia and Malcolm).

Also, take a good look at the programs and ask yourself how -- exactly -- you think you have something to offer THEM (since that is the question they will be asking).

I'm delighted that you are enjoying the Brown program and suggest that you take the same approach with Brown -- ask them what they are looking for in students -- academically and personally -- and how you can best demonstrate you are a fit for them.

This is a good opportunity to find out about letters of recommendation -- who should write them and what they want emphasized.

Enjoy your next week -- I look forward to hearing more from you.