Monday, July 6, 2009

American Of African Descent

Today was different from all the other days. When I went to school, we had a guest speaker along with a former Black Panther Member come and talk to our class. They talked about prison reform, and went and talked about slavery starting in the 1500's. I learned many things such as guards for jails make more money then teachers, and prisons are a form of segregation. More than 70% of inmates in the U.S are black, and some didin't even commit crimes.When I get back to the Bay Area I want to learn more about the California prisons, and learn statistics and find out about abuses and forms of jail segregation. People in jail are more likely to hand out with people like themselves (race, color, etc).

The second thing I did today was go to the concert and watch Richard and the teacher from the Civil Rights class. What I heard was really amazing. Not only the way she sang the songs, but the words that came out of her mouth. She sang about freedom mostly and the songs really inspired me. When I get back to California I want to make songs, or sing spiritual or about troubles in life, so I can reach out to others like she reached out to all of us today. Statistics show that kids these days are more likely to listen to words in song form because it is a big part of their cultures.

Just a Typical Day

I woke up like usual, excited for what the new day had in store for me. But nothing much went on in class today; just the norm. After class is when all the action happened.

Dean Rose had invited all of the Ivy League Connection students to join in on the pizza dinner and to attend the jazz concert (which you have probably read about in other blogs). Since we had a huge group, we split up into three groups and I was with Courtney and Cynthia in Dean Rose's group. We talked about all the pros and cons during our stay here at Brown University. On the first couple of days, I was intimidated by all the wealth and superb educational background the students around me came from but I was relieved to find out that I was not the only one who felt that way. These other students in the room felt the same way as me because they come from more or less the same situation as me. I was happy that I was not alone. Not only that, but saw a few of the students in my class attend this dinner and this dinner was limited to scholars. I did not know that these students came here through a program that I came through. Now, I think I will feel even more comfortable in my class environment because I feel like I can connect with them. Who knows? Maybe we will build a friendship that will last longer than this week.

Well it is getting late and it is almost curfew so I will take my leave.
Until the next blog,

Sick.... :(

Today was a long day, we had our usual lecture in the morning and three Inquisitions. I have yet to present my inquisition but I did get to present the student researcher project. I also dissected a sheep brain today. We didn't do anything too special today. I got sick after eating chicken at the v-dub so I was unable to take in the experience of dissecting a sheep brain.
Apart from doing the usual I found out that we will be having a college Q&A in our class on Thursday so I get to ask Dean Thompson about what Brown University is looking for in applicants.

Pizza Dinner and Concert

Today was like any typical day, class started as usual. We started off by talking about weed and how it effect this teenage boy from Beverly Hills High. It's strange to see how he changed after he started using drugs, it sort of reminds me of other people I know who have done drugs. They slowly get more and more isolated. But the effect on him when he heard recordings of his conversations with his drug buddies is what made him turn around. I think everyone has to the ability to stop if they really see how it is affecting them.

The highlight of the day was when we got to go to a pizza/dinner event planned by Dean Rose. We just gave our insight into the programs, and how things can be improved. I felt very special that they came to us to figure out what they need help on. There was a lot to be said, but my experience at Brown has been terrific, even though I got a little homesick. I'm really glad that they gave us a chance to speak, because it shows that our opinions count and we can help better the summer program. After that we went to a concert performed by Branice Mckenzie (singer) and Richard Cummings (pianist). They were wonderful! The songs had history and a lot of emotions tied to it. We are so lucky to be able to watch the show! Thank you everyone for making it possible, and for letting me come to experience life at Brown.

The First Day of the Last Week

So today is our last week, and in my class we got our new and final teacher that is going to teach us about the sixties. First we talked about the documents that we read which were about the sit-in demonstrations, Freedom Summer and the Black Panther Party. We compared and contrasted the thoughts of a black demonstrator and a white demonstrator and discussed how the sit-ins started off the civil rights movement.

We then watched a movie about the March v. Fear, which was started by James Meredith (who was going to apply to Mississippi University) until he was shot while marching. Martin Luther King and other marchers continued the march for Meredith. While they were marching they were harassed by many whites, especially the police.

After that movie we watched another clip about Malcolm X, MLK, SNCC, and the Black Panthers. We saw how the media tried to make a huge deal out of the contrast between MLK's non-violent movement and Malcolm X and the Black Panthers more radical movement. I didn't think that the way Malcolm X or the Black Panthers handled situations with a more violent approach was bad because whites in the South did the same thing. I think they handled their situations perfectly.

After the movie was over we talked about it and if "Black Power" meant violence and why power equals violence to people. I don't necessarily think that power means violence, but in past cases people striving for power use violence to obtain power, so usually people connect power with violence.

We then ended class and I rushed to the pizza party hosted by Dean Rose only to find out it was over. Then, thinking that the concert that Brown was having was mandatory, I went to it, even though I was very tired and hungry. The concert was nice and Mr. Richard played the piano very beautifully. Today was a very relaxing day and I hope that tomorrow I learn something that I haven't already learned.

So much that came in just two weeks

Wow, I have actually had to step back and look back on all the things I have gotten to do these past two weeks. My schedule has been stuffed with dinners, college tours, and city tours. Yet I do not regret it because I have grown with these experiences and have gotten to know myself more than I did before. This past weekend I had the day off to visit the city that never sleeps, NEW YORK CITY and I got to visit not two, not three, but seven college campuses in one day, on Sunday. It was incredible what one can do when managing their time correctly. Me, Carla, Ms. Kent, and Ms. Pelly got to visit Wellesley, Babson, Onli, Boston University, Boston college, Harvard(again), and Pine Manor. By the end of the day I actually got a headache from all I had taken in in one day. I enjoyed myself and being able to see all these schools up close. This is one of the dormitories on Wellesley campus, it was beautiful. One thing I learned was that at the bottom of these buildings there are different cafeterias including a vegetarian one which would be perfect for me. Also I loved how close it was to nature. I could really see myself taking a walk down to a lawn or patch of grass and study. Being at Wellesley would take of a weight off my shoulders of being cautious everywhere I am because it is known for being a safe environment. It would be a dramatic change for me, but I think I might like it.
We made short visit to all the other six schools and had self guided tours around the schools. I have to say that even though Boston University is in the city I enjoyed the environment as well. I believe their is a different, more crowded atmosphere during the school year there, but I liked how the school was within the city.
It was a long day and I figured that I am looking for a school with a balance. Not too much nature, like Pine Manor, and not too much city like Columbia. Not too small like Wellesley, but not as big as Harvard. I think that with a bit of research and help from my college counselor I will find the fit just for me. At least I'm making some progress in my college search. Thank You.