Monday, July 6, 2009

So much that came in just two weeks

Wow, I have actually had to step back and look back on all the things I have gotten to do these past two weeks. My schedule has been stuffed with dinners, college tours, and city tours. Yet I do not regret it because I have grown with these experiences and have gotten to know myself more than I did before. This past weekend I had the day off to visit the city that never sleeps, NEW YORK CITY and I got to visit not two, not three, but seven college campuses in one day, on Sunday. It was incredible what one can do when managing their time correctly. Me, Carla, Ms. Kent, and Ms. Pelly got to visit Wellesley, Babson, Onli, Boston University, Boston college, Harvard(again), and Pine Manor. By the end of the day I actually got a headache from all I had taken in in one day. I enjoyed myself and being able to see all these schools up close. This is one of the dormitories on Wellesley campus, it was beautiful. One thing I learned was that at the bottom of these buildings there are different cafeterias including a vegetarian one which would be perfect for me. Also I loved how close it was to nature. I could really see myself taking a walk down to a lawn or patch of grass and study. Being at Wellesley would take of a weight off my shoulders of being cautious everywhere I am because it is known for being a safe environment. It would be a dramatic change for me, but I think I might like it.
We made short visit to all the other six schools and had self guided tours around the schools. I have to say that even though Boston University is in the city I enjoyed the environment as well. I believe their is a different, more crowded atmosphere during the school year there, but I liked how the school was within the city.
It was a long day and I figured that I am looking for a school with a balance. Not too much nature, like Pine Manor, and not too much city like Columbia. Not too small like Wellesley, but not as big as Harvard. I think that with a bit of research and help from my college counselor I will find the fit just for me. At least I'm making some progress in my college search. Thank You.

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Don Gosney said...


A very fine posting.

You expressed yourself very well and presented your viewpoints with panache. I enjoyed the photos and loved the way you kept changing the color of your font for emphasis.

I don’t envy the choices you all have when deciding which schools to even apply to. You may have been much happier before you were introduced by the ILC to so many options. Sometimes, Mercedes, ignorance CAN be bliss.