Monday, November 9, 2009

A weekend to Remember

This pass weekend has been the most informative and fun weekend I have had in a while. I learned so much from how to have a persuasive public speech to managing my time. I also learned on how to create an elevator speech that Dean Rose taught us. The elevator speech is basically having all your information for your cause and being able to present it to someone in a timely matter.
I had a class the specifically talked about my action plan. The young ladies that taught the class gave me a lot of new ideas. I'm thinking of going into a new direction with my action plan. I'm of just focusing on getting my homework club back running then going forth with my Big Sister program. The class on managing gave me new ways on how to tackle my big projects also known as the "Big Rocks". I plan to take my new ideas and put them into effect as soon as possible.

I just want to thank the Ivy League Connection for giving me this opportunity to go back to Brown, I learned so much. I hope to share my new ideas and hopefully going back next year. I also want to thank you for trusting to travel by myself, just the travel part itself grew me up a little.

-Tiffany Carter

Saturday, November 7, 2009

College Student

Today was such a beautiful day at Brown even though its extremely cold out here. I got up early in the morning to go to Kiana's classes which were very good. I went to her economics's class and also her french class. I was surprised that I actually understood some of the things that her economic professor was talking about. But far as her french class I did not understand what her professor was saying. I would like to thank Kiana for letting me be her shadow today, going to her classes really cleared up some things to me.

Later, I got to see all my friends from the summer program and also meet new students that came after me. I had an activity with everyone and got to listen to other peoples action plans. even some students that are enrolled into Brown now came and talked about their action plans. It got me to think about a lot of things, I'm even thinking about changing me action plan. I'm not really sure exactly what I would change it though. But hopefully I will find out by the end of this weekend.
Check Spelling

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to come back to Brown. I'm having a wonderful time.

-Tiffany Carter