Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July!!

Wow! I over slept today and was not able to go to the New Port trip. :(
I was too tired from the New York Trip, But I was determined to have an educational experience while being here at Brown. So Mercedes and I, who also overslept went out for a self guided tour of Brown. Not as great as the self guided tours with Mr. Ramsey but we managed. We found that there is a museum of anthropology here at Brown which was unfortunately closed, but I really want to see it so I will go some time this coming week.

Being here at Brown with nothing to do made me think about why I am considering an all woman's school and what the district needs to do to make classes more rigorous. Like I said in one of my past blogs that Introduction to Biomedical Science has been really challenging and that I had to go look for extra help from the TA's and Dean Thompson they didn't come to me asking if I needed help. I realize that teachers don't do that in high school, they walk around the room and ask if anybody needs help and we become accustomed to this which is why I think most students are shocker when they attend college. If our teachers were more like the professors in universities in which students have to go to them for help instead of the other way around students would be more prepared. Also I think that it is completely wrong for teachers to lower the rigor for the much slower students to catch up. I think that by them doing that they are not just hurting those slower students but the much advanced students as well. In college NO professor will lower their standards for the slower students those students have to raise to their standards which should be happening more in high school classes.
As far as the all women's college go I think that I don't really mind being with all women because I am not planning on having a boyfriend or husband any time soon. I want to focus on my studies and my future job and until I have completed those goals a boyfriend or husband will NOT be popping up into the picture. I think that with no boys I will be able to focus much more on my studies and I will be able to take a clear path in achieving those goals.


Charles Tillman Ramsey said...

Thanks Carla for the compliment regarding my tour guide ability. I also enjoyed our trip to Boston, where we saw Tufts, MIT and Harvard. Spending that day with the nine students from the ILC was productive and useful. I have to also commend Ms. Kent who had Eric at MIT and Peter had Harvard to escort us around their respective campuses.

I would strongly encourage you to also speak with Dean Thompson prior to your leaving and see if she has any information on courses to take during your senior year at Richmond High School or at the local commmunity college. We want your transcript to look as stellar as possible when the admission officers are reading it.

A womens college has a different vibe than one that is coeducational. I give you that. We have one right here in our local community, it is Mills College. I knew one person who graduated from Mills and attended law school at Hastings. She has done very well in life.

Scripps is also another womens college and it is part of the Claremont College System. A very strong and rigorous program. I will send you a link with information about the school. Since your sister, Adrianna is attending UCLA and will be in Southern California you may want to have her take you to visit the campus.

Scripps is incredibly beautiful and has a relationship with the other Claremont Colleges, like Pomona and Harvey Mudd. These are heavyweight universities with great academics. You may want to inquire more about Scripps.

However, being on the East Coast you are getting the full smorgasbord of womens college. Wellesley, Smith, Barnard, and Mt. Hoyloke hold their own against any University in the country. You should feel great about having the chance to learn about the original seven sister institutions. Another former all womens college, Vassar is now being toured by our students today at Columbia.

However, Carla all womens colleges have lots of men who are on campus. Men are attracted to women and they will find them no matter where they congregate and men find all womens campuses as a great place to meet women, so you can scratch that as a reason to attend a womens college. The more logical reason to attend one of these universities is that they provide a great education. You need to see if any of these schools provide the relevant major that you are interested in. Also they have small learning environments that are attractive to many.

Small schools are not for everyone. In the end you have to find a school that meets your needs and I think that you have found it in looking at these institutions. So today, please enjoy your time with Ms. Pelly and Mercedes.

Richmond High is no different that the majority of inner city high schools. These schools are full of students who have low expectations and are unwilling to learn. Now I could go on and on about why, but that would be pointless. We all know the myriad of reasons why inner city schools struggle, no need to rehash it.

Your focus needs to remain on you. This means that when you come back to Richmond on Saturday you must seek out answers to the many questions that are awaiting you in handling the college application process. You need to meet right away with Sue Kim, you need to take a trip over to Mills College and do an informational tour, as a matter of fact I am willing to take you on the trip to Mills.
These are the immediate steps that we need to work on so that your college applications will sparkle. I like where you are going but I want you to continue to push yourself to get better. College is not going to come to you or any of our Ivy League Connection students, it will only happen with your hard work and determination.

Take care and enjoy your day.

Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
School Board Member
West Contra Costa
Unified School District

Madeline Kronenberg said...


I agree with Mr. Ramsey that there will be men on a women's campus -- but your instinct that it is "different" is correct. It attracts young women with a different perspective and that is what makes it different. You do need to think about what you want to focus on academically -- and make that a priority as well.

Here's a link to all the women's colleges:

Take a good look at each of them.

Enjoy your trip with Ms. Pelley tomorrow (pick up all the materials you can and ask lots of questions).

See you soon.