Sunday, July 5, 2009

So Many Colleges...So Little Time!!

Yep, we did something kind of nuts, we visited 7 colleges on Sunday!! Mercedes, Carla and I met up with Ms Pelley from Richmond High at 9 am and she, being a Wellesley graduate, had graciously offered to take anyone to have an indepth tour of her alma mater. We did have a wonderful all outdoor tour because the holiday weekend had everything pretty closed up. So, after having lunch in the town of Wellesley, we headed off to Babson College, a Division 1, mostly business school, Boston University, Olin School of Engineering, Harvard (again), Boston College and Pine Manor College. I will let the girls tell you more about each one but let me say it was a very full day with a wonderful hostess. I, unfortunately, was not able to bring back literature but I have pictures and we all got a good feel for each one. Tomorrow is Monday, back to the routine, but what a wild weekend!


Don Gosney said...

Bless you, Prudence. You have done well. Not only have you posted photos but they’re magnificent photos! Well done.

Trying to visit so many campuses all in one day is reminiscent of the old European excursions from the 60’s. You remember those—12 countries in five days? If it’s Tuesday this must be Belgium.

Madeline Kronenberg said...

Great pix Prudence -- I'm glad Miss Pelley came through. It's wonderful to be able to grow our "connections" to include our own high school teachers.

Now we'll have to keep a log of all the colleges our students have visited this summer of '09. So far my list is:

Harvard University(
Tufts University (
Wellesley College (
Babson College
Olin College of Engineering
Boston University
Boston College
Pine Manor College
Syracuse University
University of Rochester
Barnard College
Vassar College

13 colleges!!!

We still have UPENN, NYU and University of Connecticut.

Quite the list!


Charles Tillman Ramsey said...

We actually have the following colleges to visit, Connecticut College, BARD University in New York, NYU, Wesleyan and The University of Pennsylvania. A very impressive list.

I am tickled pink that our kids are getting a lot out of these campus tours. A very good idea for this year. We need to incorporate more of this for next year.

Hope all else is well.

Charles T. Ramsey