Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July.

Once again, it was an early morning. To get to Newport. We had to be
at the bus station by eight thirty.

When we got to Newport, we were able to enjoy the second day of good
weather we've had. After exploring the shops for a little while,
Karen, our friend from texas who is going to be taking advanced
placement photography next year—how can you grade someones
photograph? Besides basic technique, it seems way too subjective to
me, Gina and I went to the beach. It was beautiful, even if I did get
sunburned. I'd love to go back... The water was so warm... compared to

When we got back, I went to dinner with my friend Perihan (pronounced
peh-dee-han it's Turkish). Afterwards, we discussed our opinions on
colleges. It was interesting to see how she still hasn't found a
campus that she can see herself at, she likes Berkeley, but it's too
big, whereas I have my heart set, and can only see myself at one
college, brown.

Finally, it was time to show an Italian how we so it for independence
day, so we went to see the fireworks and the waterfire.

Tomorrow, I can't wait to sleep in!

Until then,
Joseph Young


Don Gosney said...


I have to agree with you about AP Photography. It’s difficult enough to teach and grade students in a regular photography class but AP? I don’t get it.

As you alluded to, there are basic technical skills that you can test someone on but even then, so much is subjective.

Only in high schools do they even teach darkroom skills and while some of that is cut and dried, much is a matter of personal taste where you’re tweaking things to get the look you want.

Modern photography is all digital and , again, there are many technical skills to master as far as settings on the camera when you take the photos and then tons more in post-production work on the computer but then it, too, becomes subjective and a matter of style and personal taste.

Go into almost any photo gallery and you’ll find work you love and work that you hate. Ask the patron next to you and he may have just the opposite ideas. Who’s right and who’s wrong?

So how do you grade an AP exam in that subject?

Sounds like you’re making a few friends while you’re there. Having discussions with some of them about our Independence Day and comparing it to anything similar in their own countries would be an interesting discussion. Our country is so young by comparison and we’ve only had one real revolution (unless you count the Texicans rebelling against Mexico).

Charles Tillman Ramsey said...

I am glad that you had a great time in Newport. Since you have your eyes clearly on the prize everything else is just gravy.

Brown University is a fabulous institutions that has a long and established history with El Cerrito High School. I hope that you will have a final discussion with Elizabeth Hart. She appears to have an interest in our schools and she may have someone here on the West Coast that you can speak with when you return.

I will also put you in contact with one of my attorneys, Margaret Tormey, class of 1984, who graduated from Brown. She may have some valuable information to share with you.

Hope all else is well and yes, get some rest. You have earned it.

Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
School Board Member
West Contra Costa
Unified School District

Madeline Kronenberg said...


I hope you enjoyed Newport -- I'm sure you did and that you continue to do well in your class.

I'm glad you're sure about Brown -- but I do hope you explore exactly what they are looking for in a student. You might ask other students who are applying what they have been told -- and, of course, the Admissions Office is and important place to start.

Enjoy next week. Still lots to do.