Friday, July 3, 2009


Tomorrows forecast: Partly sunny in the morning then becoming mostly cloudy. A chance of showers and thunderstorms. Highs around 80. West winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 40 percent.

I was just checking the weather as I was getting ready to go to bed. This week has been way more interesting than last week. I decided that I really do like the environment here at Brown. It's very relaxed and this is the kind of environment I want to live in when I go to college. When I go back to El Cerrito, I will tell people what I like about Brown. People tell me how much they want to study in a relaxed environment and to all those people, I will strongly suggest that they check out Brown.


Don Gosney said...


Although it's supposed to top out at 79 degrees on Friday, it's been kind of gusty with the winds. I made the mistake of stepping outside yesterday to talk to the neighbors. I was wearing a tank top and by the time I got back into the house I had a healthy burn on my shoulders. Sometimes those rays shine through even when it's not all that warm.

Enjoy your holiday, Cynthia.

Charles Tillman Ramsey said...

Have a great time in New York. It seems that Brown University is growing on you. I am glad that you shared your feelings about campus environment. However, you need to attend one of the campus tours that is given at Brown. I do hope that all of you will take the time to sign up before you leave.

Since your class ends on Friday July 10th and your plane does not depart Providence until 4:00 PM on July 11th, you can use the morning of July 11th to get in a tour of the University with College students. I really want each of you to learn more about Brown. If you have a chance you should make an appointment with Brown Admissions Director Elizabeth Hart and discuss with her your interest in Brown.

I want to also give some sobering news. Brown University is one of the most sought after academic institution to attend in the world. They have over 25,000 applicants and they admit 2,400. So you do the math. Less than 10% will be admitted and these are all top students who apply.

So, take the time to really examine additional universities beyond this school, but also remain positive about having the chance to attend. At least you got the opportunity to spend three weeks on campus, this is more than most people will ever experience. In addition, you were at UPENN last summer for four weeks and experience life at another Ivy League Campus. So, you have had a great two summers.

Thanks again Cynthia for sharing your feelings. I do hope that we can learn more about your roommate and where she is from and if she plans to apply to any schools on the West Coast? Does she come from a private or public school? Does she have family who graduated from Brown?

Take us "inside the walls" and give us some insight.

Thanks again.

Charles T. Ramsey