Thursday, July 2, 2009

Informative Day

Today Judy Richardson visited my class, she's a producer and filmmaker just to name one "Eyes On The Prize." She talked to us about how she joined the civil rights movement and how/why she joined SNCC. She left a full scholarship for college to join SNCC to get more involved in the Civil Rights Movement. Her sister even quit her job at Columbia records to also join SNCC. Judy went through so much she actually mentioned that she couldn't be scared. She was shot at and she just made an excuse that it was her car back firing.

She was such an enthusiastic person and had so much life. She traveled for three straight days before she came to our class and she was more alive then most of the students in my class. She started off with this song named "Woke Up This Morning With My Mind Stayed On Freedom." I admire her so much she really made me think about life and how much I could achieve.

Later on in my second part of class Dean Rose came and we did some leadership activities. One of the things I got out of the activities is that sometimes during a conversation I need to sit back and listen instead of trying to make my opinions heard. Also certain things can insult a person while your having a conversation. Like looking at your phone or looking a certain way.

Overall my day was very informative and it was really great!

-Tiffany Carter


Don Gosney said...


Sounds like you saw something in Judy Richardson worth admiring. I hope you follow up and learn more about her and what she stands for.

I'd love to read more about what Dean Rose was telling you all about behavioral traits and actions. I’ve never met her but if she’s convinced you of how disrespectful it can be to even acknowledge your cell phone while listening to someone else, then she’s my newest best friend. [What is it that makes people believe that whoever might be calling them has to be more important than the person standing in front of them?]

Charles Tillman Ramsey said...

I hope you had a great time in New York. I would love to have you post some photos from the day. What did it mean to be in New York City? How did you feel about the experience?

Does it make you want to share your stories with those at Pinole Valley High School? How do you take your experience and motivate others at Pinole to become campus leaders?

Have a great day in Newport. You may want to also join Carla tomorrow and visit the "seven sisters" Colleges that will happen with Mercedes and her. Richmond High School teacher, Ms. Pelly, will caravan a group of ladies and Ms. Kent to see Wellesley, Smith and Mt. Hoyloke. You may want to see if you can join them.

Hope all else is well and enjoy your Fourth of July.

Take care.

Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
School Board Member
West Contra Costa
Unified School District