Thursday, July 2, 2009


So it's two thirty in the morning, and I'm still awake. It seems that I haven't quite gotten used to east coast time. Or maybe I just need someone to make me go to bed.

This morning, I headed over to health services to get my blood drawn. I was nervous at first, but it wasn't so bad. They took a test tube worth, which I think is four ml.When we go into the lab, we purified white blood cells from the blood through centrifugation and lysis. It's amazing to think that a week ago I knew nothing about working in a lab and now I'm confidently working. Tomorrow I will even be purifying DNA from my blood.

Also, we looked at the results from a lab we did yesterday, and my cells were some of the only ones in class that grew on a certain plate. This means not only am I now working confidently, I'm also working competently. It's quite comforting seeing as I was struggling so much at the beginning of the course.

Tomorrow should be an exciting day because my building is throwing a party.

Until then,
Joseph Young


Don Gosney said...


Sorry to hear about the insomnia. I’m used to staying up til all hours but then I hardly ever set may alarm clock to be up at a certain time, either.

If you need some help with getting to bed, let me step in with a direct order to get yourself to bed and to fall asleep pronto quick. I’m betting it’ll take more than that to make it happen.

Congrats on your successes in the lab. I recall some of your posts from the beginning where you seemed pretty shaky about your ability to comprehend. It sounds like either you’re catching on or you’re completely deluded.

Let me know how things turn out with the blood.

Charles Tillman Ramsey said...

Good work Joseph!

You are using your brain and that is a good thing.

Enjoy your time with your classmates and dormamtes. I am sure that everyone will have a nice time at the party.

Take care.

Charles T. Ramsey