Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away!!!

It's the big Brown Bear outside of Sayles hall!

The notorious nine under the Wayland Arch.

Cynthia waiting in line to check in.

Our welcome to check in

Actually the rain is not that bad, just a constant mist...

Well, it was check in day so we met this morning to get all checked in then went to Thayer St. for breakfast and to the bookstore to get books. On to the linen, fridge, fan and microwave rental center. After the Dean's Welcome the parents were instructed to go home so I took my cue!

The kids have a busy afternoon and evening and class tomorrow. They are doing well, a few glitches but all is well. We are a little tired and jet lagged but that will pass soon. The university is—of course—beautiful: so old, bricks everywhere including the sidewalks, greenery everywhere, and every building named after an important—for some reason—English gentleman of the past. Around every corner and wrought iron fence is a big lush green quad or a square.

Tomorrow while the kids are starting classes, I am going to explore this fun city and go to Johnson and Wales University until I meet up with them.

I will keep you posted. Enjoy the photos!

1 comment:

Don Gosney said...

Hey, Prudence.

Just curious, this place where the kids can rent all of these convenience items for their dorm rooms--are the prices reasonable or do they gouge the kids? The way you wrote the line about renting these things makes it sound like they cold rent their sheets, too. Was I reading that right?

Without knowing who these streets were named after, I got to thinking that when the streets were named these 'English gentlemen of the past' may have been near contemporaries.

Glad you mentioned that the rain was more of a mist. When I check my computer and read the Accuweather report it just indicated 'rain' and doesn't distinguish between mist and Hurricane Katrina.

In your opinion, how are the kids coping so far? I realize that classes haven't started yet but do they seem to be fitting in okay?