Sunday, June 21, 2009


So yeah, right now, with everyone on the floor here, its pretty busy. We're all in the double of a Turkish student named Kaan and a French student named Paul currently. Just listening to music, surfing the internet and what not. I've got quite a few techies on my floor, they were able to speed up my internet connection, which I can not thank them enough for. The normal wi-fi is super slow since every single student is on it.

So yeah my living condition is floor style, most rooms are doubles with a couple singles. I'm rooming with a guy named Enis - or well supposedly. He's not here yet and when he arrives, it'll be good and bad. Good because I'll have a roomate. Bad, because well, his name is prounced like mine. Yes, somehow there's this cruel joke being played with the room assignments. A couple doors down Alexander and Alejandro are roomed together too. But in my case, as soon as Enis arrives, when he arrives, there's gonna be a lot of confusion going on in the hall. Pretty much everyone I've met so far wants to meet this Enis kid, who's Turkish by the way, only because it'd be Dennis and Enis living together.

Yeah, it's a lot different than last year at Columbia. It was floorstyle then, but we all had singles so there wasn't a lot of forced interaction or interaction at all. But this year, pretty much everyone is social, we all hang out in someone's room, we all leave our doors open when we're in our room, a lot more of an inviting environment.

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