Monday, June 22, 2009

Having fun with my Lab Partner!!

First day of class, how exciting! I learned many new things in introduction to biomedical science today!

Here are a few interesting facts I learned:

- I learned that histology is the study of tissues

- I learned the bird and reptile eggs have more yolk (where the nutrients are kept in the egg) than mammalian eggs because mammalian eggs are not hatched and they dont really require lots of it because they get nutrients from their mother.

- Lastly another interesting fact is that Brown University does not offer anatomy classes instead they offer Gross Morphology.
After class was over my lab partner and I went for lunch and got to know each other better!
So I will get going because I have to do the homework!

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Carla Ramirez said...

I'd rather not take more pictures of her, I think I'll just blog more about my class...