Monday, June 22, 2009


First day of class was today. It's in the biomedical building, but i think they should have called it the biomedical maze (not that it took me too long to find my class or anything. I was only like two minutes late)

Anyway, its a small class of twenty three, which will be oriented towards individual lab work. This is fortunate, because it allows us more time with the professor and TA. I'm sure, even with all of their assistance, its going to be quite a challenge. She (the professor) outlined the course for us. Labs every morning, discussion sessions in the afternoon, reading and lab reports at night.

The most exciting portion of the course, however, is going to start next week.

We will go to the health center at 8 am to get blood drawn, and then we begin an exploration of our own dna. Wow!

The summative project is based off our own DNA. We have to figure out, without any assistance from the professor, how to clone our own DNA into a vector. It sounds hard, but interesting. Who knows, maybe i'll even figure out how to clone myself.

On second thought...

I'm off to Dennis's room to enjoy the Dennis-Enis combination.

Until later,
Joseph Young


Carla Ramirez said...

Wow, this sounds really like an interesting course!
Cloning your DNA sounds challenging but your smart, you'll do agood job!

Don Gosney said...

I love that whole DNA thing. I did some research on the Internet on how to demystify my own DNA and I didn't like what I came up with. I went back on the Net and found a place in Eastern Europe who could sell me some fresh DNA that was better than my own. It came with a kit for switching mine out with the new stuff. I'll let you know how it works out once it arrives.

Have you thought that maybe the Biomedical Maze might be just one way fro Brown to save some money by combining the biomedical department with the psychology department? Think of it as a 2fer where you get to go to your biomed classes while the psych department studies you as you work yourself through the maze. I wouldn't out it past them.

If your studies progress as planned, cloning yourself might not be a bad thing but if you try to clone those pants you wore outside ECHS last Saturday morning I'm going to turn you in to the authorities.