Sunday, June 21, 2009


Sitting next to Dennis, hijacking the bookstores laptop's and internet connection...

We got into Providence last night, in time to enjoy the fog. I feel like I didn't even leave home, at least as far as the weather's concerned.

Checked into my dorm room last night, I have a single again. What a strange coincidence. Interestingly, I'm staying in a fraternity (or is it a sorority? I can't quite tell. It has two greek letters, but there is definitely a men's bathroom. Is it a "frarority" ?)

Tomorrow, my course starts. i have the longest day out of anyone. Lucky me!

Until then,
Joseph Young


Don Gosney said...


When you wrote that you couldn't tell if it was a fraternity or a sorority I began to wonder. I mean, if you can't tell the difference then maybe we need to do some more comprehensive screening.

It's a shame you're rooming solo. Sharing your time and experiences with others can be so much more rewarding. It's also more of an incentive to make your bed and hang up your clothes.

We're looking forward to reading more when you have better access to the Internet.

Joseph Young said...

in regards to my living arrangement, i discovered that it is both a sorority and a fraternity. They're in the same building.

and even if i had a roommate, i doubt i'd be any cleaner...