Sunday, June 21, 2009

After a 6 hour flight ...

Hello all.

We are now at Brown and BLOGGING!!!! Well, we are at the bookstore and just got our books. We finally found out our class and schedule. I cannot wait to meet my roommate. I am so happy that we have finally arrived. It feels good to meet new people and just bond.

I am still anxious for what will happen next. Tomorrow will officially be the first day of class and I do not know what to expect. I admit, I'm a little scared. Well now I am off to see what Providence have to offer.

(This is my official first blog since we arrived at Brown. How exciting!)

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Don Gosney said...


You're an old pro at this ILC stuff so I'm surprised that your first blog would excite you so. Wait until you have some really wonderful stories to tell in your future blogs--that should really excite you.

I'm especially excited to read that you'll be posting photos as well. Words are nice but words with photos is even nicer.