Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sydney Frank

Mr. Frank what a generous man! Mr. Sydney Frank was born in Connecticut to a Jewish family. He attended Brown university but left after a year due to financial issues. He later made enormous gifts to the university to ensure that no on else had to drop out due to financial issues. Although he only went to Brown one year, he was able to land an engineering job at Pratt & Whitney in part because someone there had gone to the school. During WWII Frank worked for Pratt and Whitney as an aircraft engine mechanic.

Mr. Frank has given dozens on Brown alums what he couldn't afford as a young man: an education at Brown University.

This organization really makes me believe that there are truly people out there in the world that are generous. Learning about this man and what he did for others is really inspiring and uplifting. It makes me want to work 150% harder than I already am to do great in school so that I can apply and be accepted into Ivy League schools. Thank you Mr. Ramsey for giving me the opportunity to learn about this generous man.

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