Saturday, July 11, 2009


There was definitely lots of knowledge to be gained this past week.

Coming to the East Coast for the first time I did not know what I had coming.
Being the top student in all my science class in RHS has my confidence way up high, and Brown did a great job in bringing me down to reality. Like I said before it was a slap in the face. This definitely hit my confidence hard but I did not let my lack of resources stop me. I read each chapter twice before and after the lecture, asked the TA's for extra help and of coarse asked Dean Thompson for help. I believe that I learned more in these past three weeks than I did in a year in my freshman biology class.

Coming to Brown really changed my way of thinking, writing, drawing, and viewing things. Now whenever I see certain things I relate them back to science like when I look at tie die I see compact bone, when I see jeans I think of muscle stritations, and now I cannot look at cats the same way I used to.

Dean Thompson definitely filled up my brain with much useful knowledge. She not only thought us Histology but she also helped us improve our public speaking skills, our research skills, and she helped us learn try to apply what we learn in class to the outside world.

This coming year I am confident that I will do so much better in school because of this experience. I became more studious by getting into the habit of taking notes in class, doing HW right after I got to my dorm, and because this course challenged me I will not complain about how "hard" the class work is.

I will most definitely share my experience with other students who are going to attend pre-college programs but I will also share it with those who are interested in attending college. Because yes its going to challenge you and yes you will have a hard time but in the end it is all worth while because you work harder hence you learn more.


Charles Tillman Ramsey said...

Carla, thanks for your insightful post. I am glad that you came our way. You have taken a great deal from this class and yes, you got the "wake up" call that all our students need to have at Richmond High School, as well as the West Contra Costa Unified School District.

What you take from this experience will help shape and guide you when you go to Georgetown for three weeks beginning on Sunday. I hope that your time in Washington D.C will be just as productive. The JSA is a great program, but it is no "ILC".

Nonetheless, the life skills that you acquired can only prepare you for the next level and I am sure that the time in Providence will help guide you through the rigorous college application process.

Your journey is not over. With Kaplan classes, essay writing and interviews, you have a lot of work ahead of you. However, I know that you are up for the challenge and the opportunity.

Someone will be pleased to admit you since you have so much potential. I hope that you will look at those all women colleges, like Wellesley, and give them full consideration. I know that they you have the "inner drive" and I am hopeful that you will stay in touch during your senior year at Richmond High School.

Continued success and have a safe trip home. I know that your family is waiting with open arms to greet you. Good work and thanks for coming our way.

Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
School Board Member
West Contra Costa
Unified School District

Madeline Kronenberg said...


You have learned so very much in such a little time.

I am delighted to hear your insights and I appreciate that you will share your experiences with your friends. One very simple thing I think all of your friends can learn is to always take notes in class and being disciplined about HW. -- If everyone at Richmond High started doing that, and asking more questions, a lot would change. You can help make that happen by talking to other students and sharing with them how they can change their own future -- by simply changing how seriously they take being a student.

Keep in touch and Welcome Home.