Friday, June 26, 2009

Bones continued....

Today we learned about the Skeletal System and Joint cagtegories. Some students also presented their inquisitions. We finished up on learning about joints and we had to pick out a bone to draw and label which is due Tuesday.... Monday we will be taking a CPR class and we will be visiting students who are working on research projects and and interviewing them that should be fun!
We got a box full of bones and we had to identify the different parts of each bone and what type of hinge it has like a ball and socket or saddle. My group finished two hours before class was over because instead of socializing we got right away into doing our work! :)
Since our Dean T was not able to stay with us for the afternoon the TA's ran the lab. So since the whole class finished an hour early they let us go.
Today there was also a social event going on (a dance) I went to go have some fun and take a little break from all the studying.

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