Friday, June 26, 2009

Thursday and Friday

Yesterday was such a busy day, so I wasn't even able to blog. But today I got it covered. During class we discussed some articles we read the previous night about New Deal Liberalism and the Charlie Chaplin film we watched. We talked about why the FBI, especially Hoover were so engaged in Chaplin's life and how they spent a huge portion of their time watching his every move and trying to prove that he was a communist.

After this great discussion, our teacher treated us to some Ben & Jerry's ice cream which myself and a few other of my classmates politely declined. As soon as we stepped foot out of Ben & Jerry's, the sun miraculously appeared. :) Finally!

We returned to class and watched 4 short cartoons about capitalism and how "America is the finest place in the world to live in." When the films ended we talked about them and the suspicions and anxieties about capitalism and big businesses before and after WWI and WWII.

Today in class we talked about how enviormental concerns actually began in the late 40s and not in the 60s. We watched Grapes of Wrath and discussed whether or not the film would have gotten the same criticism as Monsieur Verdoux if it would have been released in the late 40s or 50s.

I can't wait until tomorrow and Sunday! I will able to see Harvard, MIT and all the other wonderful colleges and possibly be able to meet Ms. Ruth Simmons. This will definitely be a great weekend.

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Don Gosney said...


Good to have you back.

Maybe you can share some of the discussions you had about just why J. Edgar spent so much of his persecuting Charlie Chaplin. Keep in mind that during this same time, the department he headed to shut down crime in this country refused to admit/believe that the Mafia even existed. Instead, much of the FBI's resources were spent trying to keep socialist ideas from taking root here in the US. Ideas like welfare, social security and labor unions.

Just curious, why opt out of the ice cream social? You know don't you, that in some cultures the refusal to share ice cream is considered an insult. I know it's an insult in my home. A bowl of ice cream is always in order here. As a matter of fact. if i didn't have to head out to send off the rest of the Brownies at 2 AM and the Columbians at 4 I'd head our right now to pick up a carton or two of chocolate mint to smooth out the evening.

I think I might have enjoyed watching some of those old propaganda fils you mentioned. I came around a little later but we used to watch similar types of movies in our elementary classes.

Sounds like your weekend is going to be a real blast. I just heard from Mr. Ramsey asking about the self tours at Tufts and I suggested that he take care of first things first: locate the restrooms and the drinking fountains and everything after that would be icing on the cake.

Have fun, Avauna.