Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Yesterday, the disorder of the day was cutting. I felt this was an important topic to discuss since many of us know people who cut and may have even done it ourselves. From the moment we got our syllabus, I couldn't wait for this day because I felt we needed to talk about this subject. As a class, we made a list of the reasons why people start to cut. A few points on our list were:
  • release of anger
  • punish themselves
  • revenge & self pity
  • a way to control something in their lives
  • attention seeking
  • addicting
  • aggressive apathy
We then went on to making a list of what parents might have done to cause their children to cut. Some of the possibilities we came up with were:
  • parents busy
  • parents not getting along
  • promoting guilt
  • high control
In order to treat a person who cuts, Dr. J said the most important thing to do is listen carefully. I was a bit disappointed with this lecture only because I wanted it to last longer. I wanted to discuss more about the disorder because when I go back home, I want to be able to help someone who is cutting in any way I can.

When I go home, I want to share my experience with everyone I know. However, this is not limited to the knowledge I've gained about Brown and the other colleges I visited on this trip. Because of this psychology course, I want to use the information I learned and help someone if he has issues with cutting, depression, or an eating disorder. I know I won't be as useful as a therapist, but I think I can assist by simply listening.


Charles Tillman Ramsey said...

This was a nice post. You have decided that you are going to take steps to change the culture and behavior at Hercules High School. Because of this class and the Ivy League Connection you feel EMPOWERED to be the change. I like where you are going with your thoughts and ideas. I support you and will watch to see how you institute this change at the school site.

In a lot of ways the Ivy League Connection has changed you and made you more of a advocate for reaching out and speaking up. I am glad but I would love to hear your own thoughts about how the ILC made a big difference for you in your life and your confidence?

Are you thankful that you had the courage last summer to just trust us and jump headfirst into the program? Remember, you did not have a lot of time to make up your mind, but you did, are you glad?

Also cutting is a symptom of everything that you mentioned in your post, but the one thing that was left out is that the only ones that get hurt in cutting are those doing the cutting. I truly hope that you will share your opinions and tell me how you will work with the other ILC students at Hercules this fall to create the college going culture.

Let me know what will be your action plan. I would love to see it.

Take care.

Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
School Board Member
West Contra Costa
Unified School District

Don Gosney said...


Cutting is one of those disorders that I simply cannot get around. I can’t understand what would make someone want to mutilate themselves.

To me, cutting is something akin to suicide. I just can’t imagine what would ever bring someone to the point where they might cut themselves or take their own life.