Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Final Days of Psych

On a usual day in our Introduction to Psychology class we have an hour of lecture, then an hour of discussion with our groups based on reading assignments from the day before, then we reconvene in class to another hour of lecture or presentations given by groups of students. Being the last week of our course, today was the last day in which we would gather in our discussion groups. It was a good experience for me to be able to read for homework and come back to a class in which everyone had done the reading and was ready to have a productive conversation. I would love it if my classes back in Richmond were this productive and maybe when I get back I can meet with students and make my own discussion group.
Today we also got to see the last of the student presentations. There were two of them, one on the theory of intelligence and the other on defense mechanisms.
We have also had the last of or reading or writing assignments. We are now to focus on our class' final project which can be anything from an essay to a photography collage. I have chosen to draw out the many places in which I spend my summer at Brown. I have been taking these sunny days to sit outside and draw a few buildings.
Even though we are leaving Rhode Island on Saturday I will have with me my memories, photographs, and drawings.
Mercedes Montelongo,
Only three days left

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Don Gosney said...


It sounds like a productive day. You learned a little, you settled some plans for your final project, you formulated more plans on improving things back home and you took a little break. How do I sign up for this--especially the last part?