Thursday, July 9, 2009

Final goodbyes && college fair

Today was dean Thompson's last day :(
We went to the green house and learned about medicinal plants which was very interesting. We got to see the plants, smell them, and learn about what they do.
In the afternoon we had a guest lecture on Diets. Not as in loose weight diets, but eat healthy and keep a normal weight diet.

College Fair!
Wow it took Mercedes and I about 2 and a half hours to go all the way around the gym asking questions at most tables. The line was huge! We waited about an hour in total to get in!
My Favorite colleges from the tables that we went to were: Albertus Magnus College and Stonehill College.
Apart from the fact that Carey Schmidt doing an excellent job in explaining the school I really liked the fact that the school is really strong in many different areas specially in science! I also liked that SAT scores don't matter too much. I liked Stonehill for similar reasons. It is optional to send in your SAT scores and they are looking for students who are strong in academics but also have other activities that they do.

Overall summer @ Brown was an incredible experience! I learned that even though I don't want to attend Brown I did get to visit other schools that are at the top of my list like Wellesley. This was something that was truly life changing and I appreciate all the hard work that many people did in order for me and other students from wccud to attend pre-college programs.


Charles Tillman Ramsey said...

Thanks Carla,

Ms. Kent mentioned that you wanted to apply to Brown. I am glad that you clarified your position in your post. I know tomorrow that several students are meeting with a Brown Admissions Officer. This meeting is strictly for those who will apply to Brown.

Thanks for sharing your other choices. I wish you luck with Wellesley. It is a fantastic college. You may want to apply Early Decision.

Take care.

Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
School Board Member
West Contra Costa
Unified School District

Madeline Kronenberg said...


You got to see how interested students are in colleges first hand today. I'm glad you spoke to Albertus Magnus and Stonehill. Now you need to research them as well.

Wellesley is a wonderful school. Mr. Ramsey's suggestion to try early admission -- if you're sure you want to go there -- is a good one.

Happy travels!