Thursday, July 9, 2009

Coming to an End...

It's finally hit me that I'm leaving in two days! I've already turned in my last reading reaction email and paper and had my last floor meeting. And I just finished my final reflection. I can't believe this experience is about to come to an end. My roommate, Kim, and I recently talked about how we're just getting used to our routines and now we have to leave. Of course I'm going to love being back at home with my own room surrounded by my friends and family, but I'm truly going to miss my time here at Brown.

Anyways, today after dinner, I went to the college fair at the OLMAC. The line just to get into the building was enormous! It was even more hectic once I finally got into the gym. There were stations circling around the indoor track and several people trying to push their way through the crowd. As I was approaching the track, I didn't know where to begin. Unfortunately, I only had about an hour to go to the different stations and the colleges I wanted to see (like Columbia) had massive amounts of people around the table. Thus, I decided to look at the smaller colleges that weren't getting as much notice. One college I learned about, College of Mount Saint Vincent, is near New York City and supposedly has a great nursing program. I'm not sure if I want to apply to this school, so I'll need to do a bit more research to see if it's right for me. Overall, the college fair went well and I was able to look at a few colleges I never even heard of. I'm definitely glad I went to the college fair in St. Mary's last April since I had more time and more chances to speak to the college representatives.


Madeline Kronenberg said...


Sounds like a very successful College Fair -- as I mentioned to Gina -- we need to expect them to be busy and crowded and come prepared.

I'm glad you found College of Mt. St. Vincent. You might want to try College Match and see which other nursing programs are out there that might be a good fit for you.

Happy packing!

Don Gosney said...


It’s a little late for me to offer advice for the fair you just attended but there will be many fairs for you to attend in the next few months.

Something to do to prepare is to learn which schools will be attending and then do a little research on as many as you can so when you arrive you’ll have a list of tables to go to so you can get more direct responses to your questions. You can still do some shopping but at least you’re not trying to visit a hundred tables in just an hour.

Also, it helps to find out of some of the schools will be at other fairs held locally where you can visit their tables at one of the other fairs. That way you can devote more time to the schools that you may not have another shot at.

Being selective before you arrive can be a big help to you. For instance, if you’re not religious, you may not want to waste your time at the table for the Billy Bob School of Holy Rolling. Being less facetious, there are schools in locations or specializing in disciplines that you aren’t attracted to so why waste your time with them?