Friday, July 10, 2009

Well, It's Here

My floor right now is having a party! One last fun event before everyone heads back home. I'm going to miss the guys on my floor 'cause we've all grown really tight since the first day. It'll be weird having to send everyone off cause I'll be leaving on Saturday while most people are leaving Friday.

Currently, it's too hectic to be able to sum up what happened. People are packing, saying good byes, dancing, singing, keeping people awake, etc. Stuff you do when there's only so little time left.

More later....

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Don Gosney said...


By the time I’m reading this your party is probably long over but I hope you all understood that the ILC never set aside any funds to post bail for any of our heavy revelers.

With that said, I hope your last day at Brown is enjoyable.