Friday, July 10, 2009

Our Days at Brown are coming to an End

I can't believe time passed by so quickly, it seemed like just yesterday that I was moving into my room and anticipating my roommate. While I was busy being homesick, I didn't notice how quickly the three weeks flew by, now I regret not doing as much as I could have. It's so sad to see everyone packing up and getting ready to leave, luckily not everyone is leaving till Saturday. In the last couple of days class has been getting easy, all that was left to do was our final project. As you can tell, the atmosphere around here is winding down.

Today I we attended the college fair, and it was packed with tons of people! It was the longest line I've seen in awhile, going all the way to the back of the building! It was even crazier inside; it was held in the gym and there were a lot of colleges there. At every table you'd see a flock of students hovering over the representative. I found out so much about all of these different colleges, and even some that I've never heard of! I feel that if there were less students, then my time there would have been a whole lot better. I mean I did learn a lot about multiple colleges, I could have learned more if there weren't hundreds of other kids trying to get their attention.

Tomorrow is the last day to bond, then they're all off! I really wish I had more time here. I'm also really excited to meet the admissions officer for our area tomorrow! I hope to take in a lot of information from her too! Well I'm off to bed and maybe I'll pack a little more, it's going to be a tiring day!


Madeline Kronenberg said...

Gina --

Welcome to the competitive east coast college entrance tournament!

I think most of the college fairs on the east coast tend to be large and crowded -- so, it turns out that you have to have a gameplan when you get there: be early, know who you want to talk to, know the questions you want to ask.

I'm glad you all got to attend the college fair and experience the intensity first-hand.

I look forward to hear about your conversation with the Admissions Officer today.

Happy packing.

Don Gosney said...


I think, and I’m guessing here, that one of the reasons that the college fair was so crowded was partly because you had a captive audience of motivated students that were already there. When these fairs come to our area, the students have to make an effort and drive some distance to attend.

Also, I think there is a higher concentration of colleges in the northeast and many don’t really reach out to places like the Bay Area. A lot of students like to go to college someplace close to home so they may have been more attracted to the regional schools. We see that in our own area where even amongst the ILC participants there’s an overwhelming attraction for west coast schools.