Friday, July 10, 2009

Final Words

It is Friday of my last week here at summer@Brown. I had such a fun time here, but I have to be honest and say that I am ready to go back home. I have been a bit homesick, but I did not let that get in the way of my exploring of Brown University. I have taken advantage of all the activities offered to do here at Brown. For example, I went to watch two independent films on Wednesday night and Thursday night. One was Jesus Camp which I do not want to spoil, but do recommend it and the other was Best in Show recommended for those whom enjoy a little comedy. Apart from the cinema entertainments I went to the Brown college Fair composed of 125 universities and colleges from around the country. I got so many catalogs, brochures, and admissions information. It was a great opportunity for me to look at different schools and have some one there from the schools to tell me about it and answer any questions I had.

This morning I had my last class of Intro to Psych. It ended in a pretty fun way, I have to say. We all got to see each other's final projects most of which were photo collages. We also ended with a personalty test in which I got categorized as an Idealist. Also the very last thing we did was play Jeopardy which contained all the information we had learned during our three week course. It was so much fun, my team won by 50 points all thanks to the final Jeopardy question.

I have gotten to say goodbye to those that are and did leave Brown today. And now I have to head back to prepare my luggage for my trip across the country back home to where I can share all my experiences with everyone I see.

So Long, Mercedes M.


Don Gosney said...


Not only have I seen both of the films you mentioned but I also own the DVDs. I enjoyed both of them but for obviously different reasons.

From reading your blogs and those of the others we can see that you’ve tried to maximize your exposure while at Brown. This is a good thing, Mercedes. Some participants in our program have chosen to head back east and pretty much just veg out. We had one that wrote that he was upset that he was asked to attend some of the functions in the area when he would rather sit with his housebuds and watch ESPN. You can imagine our reaction.

I hear that the college fair you attended was a real hoot. We read about the line to get in like it was a sold out rock concert and that even when you got in the place was pretty packed. I wonder why this fair was so different from those we see in our own area? We have fairs where a hundred or more schools show up but we don’t see the reaction like we’ve seen described for this one.

Why do you suppose so many of your classmates chose to assemble a photo collage as their class project? Could it have been mostly because they had better access to photos and a computer rather than other resources?

Madeline Kronenberg said...


Those are two wonderful movies and I'm glad they showed them.

Your Intro to Psych class seems like it was really interesting -- thanks for the photo of the Jeopardy game.

You'll be home soon. Happy trails.