Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Catch Up Day

John Brown House
Meeting with Dean Rose
Today was a catch up, catch my breath day. When I completed that I went up the hill to Brown and toured the John Brown House, which was very interesting. John Brown made his fortune as a slave trader and built the most splendid house on the hill. Years later his son Nicholas gave a large amount of money to the then "College of Rhode Island" so the college was renamed Brown University after the Brown family. In the 30's the house was donated by the Brown family to the Rhode Island Historical Society. In recent years, the house has been restored back to the original state.

At 5 I met with the students and Dean Rose joined us to chat with the students about their classes, roommates, being away from home and other gerneral subjects. It was a very productive hour and Dean Rose has been so hospitable and supportive for all of us. The sun was out all day today so we are feeling energized by the extra Vitamin D!

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Don Gosney said...


More facts and trivia that we didn't know we needed to know. Thanks for sharing. There's so much we take for granted without even thinking. Even if we had some inkling about how the university got its name, I never would have guessed where the money to pay for it came from.