Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This Whole Day Was Late

Today I woke up late. My roommate said that he would wake me up becuase he always wakes up early, but today he ended up waking up at 8:00 . That gave me only a little less time to get ready and grab a quick snack right before class started. Class was pretty fun today. We were assigned a project about Nike and about the sweatshops that are used all over the world. My group has to find a way to make students stop buying Nike items and we have to make Nike stop distributing these items as well. I learned where all of my clothes came from today too. Mostluy in Honduras or China. Then I was late again. I could have sworn that we didn't have a meeting today, but I was amazingly wrong because we had a meeting today with the dean! I didn't know this so I went to the gym with my RA's and friends, and I got a phone call from Tiffany about an hour or two later. I ran back to the dorm as fast as I could, but I ended up running the wrong way and got lost. I then had to ask a lady directions to the Sciences Library (because that's my landmark for this city) and she pointed me in the opposite way I was heading! If it wasn't for that lady I probably still would have been lost haha. But I made it back in time to hear Dean Rose speak and I apologized and everything was fine. I just got back from playing a game of MANHUNT with everybody from Harkness. It was pretty fun until somebody ruined the game and try to make a "better" version. That's when everyone left and then I wrote this. Hope everyone is doing well.

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Don Gosney said...


You've been at school two days now and I hope that you're getting something of a wake-up call. You really have to get your time-management under control and figure out where you're supposed to be and when you're supposed to be there.

I'm GREATLY concerned with what I'm seeing so far.

If you were employed by me, using my kindest fatherly voice "d shake your hand with my right hand while putting my left hand on your shoulder and politely escort you to the door where the security guard would already have your personal things in a box for you. Do you understand what I'm saying?

It doesn't matter how smart you might be, if you can't get to class, if you show up in the wrong building, if you miss meetings (WITH THE DEAN, NO LESS!!!), if you can't get your bearings and figure out where you are, then perhaps you need to return to a more familiar setting and continue the high school life.

I don't want to come across as being overly harsh but these are some serious faux pas that you've been part of in a very brief time.

Go back and read your blog and look at what you've told us about your second day of class at Brown at Brown:

• You relied on someone else to wake you up.
• You were late for your second meeting of the day—with the Dean.
• You went to the gym.
• You got lost—again.
• You played some video games.

Not a stellar day for you, Zack.

Now, back to your studies on Nike and sweatshops. Try visiting: http://www.counterpunch.org/ballinger04162008.html and http://cbae.nmsu.edu/~dboje/AA/academicsstudyingwriting.htm and you’ll find tons of academic articles about this subject.

Sports Illustrated did a fine article (about the time you were born) about this very subject. They tried to compare the $200 Air Jordans and the mega million dollars paid to basketball stars like Michael Jordan against the pennies a day that the sweatshop workers were making manufacturing the shoes and clothing.

That one article KILLED Nike for many years costing them hundreds of millions of dollars. It also changed the way the Nikes. Pumas, Reeboks and adidas’ conducted their business overseas. It’s still bad but compared to what was the norm back then, it’s better.