Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Experiments and Experiences

My day in class started today with Dr. J, my professor, explaining and demonstrating the studies of Stanley Milgram. Stanley Milgram was interested in how people go against their morals and ethics if authorities tell them to do so. In 1963 he conducted an experiment which involved a volunteer questioning another person and every time the person got the answer wrong they would shock them and every time the answer was incorrect the volts per shock would increase. The Volts went up and up and the deal was that the person shocking another keep going no matter how bad they felt for the subject. Out of 50 people 26 people went through with shocking another person with extreme voltage. Towards the end of the test the person being shocked would be silent to make the shocker believe they had just murdered the subject. I found the results of this experiment to be very interesting. I realized what people are capable of doing under certain pressure.
The second half of the class today was a presentation from a Brown Medical student whom had a personal experience with anorexia and bulimia. Therefore she gave the class a presentation on Eating Disorders. It was interesting because we got to learn the cause and effects and the different type of eating disorders as well as learning how to treat them. It was helpful to hear it from someone who actually went through it.
This class has really showed many things that can go wrong in one's life. And it has been an eye opener to the many opportunities I have had and how I have a good life. Therefore I can help others who need a helping hand or a little push in life.

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Don Gosney said...


Don't you just love those studies that use negative reinforcement as an impetus to secure the response they're looking for?

This is very similar to many torture techniques used and the argument that torture is unreliable since the tortured will tell the torturer ANYTHING just to get them to stop.

If you get a chance read up or ask your people about the Stanford Prison Experiment [ http://www.prisonexp.org/ ] where the psychologists saw some startling results to settings where ordinary people are given near life and death control over other regular people.