Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Incredible Night

Yesterday was a great day because the Ivy League Connection students got to go to a pizza dinner with Robin Rose, the Dean of the leadership institute at Brown, and got to meet the other students in the summer@brown program that came on similar scholarships. We had pizza and then divided ourselves into three groups. Within these groups we talked about our challenges this summer and what we liked and what we did not like about Brown or our classes. It was interesting to see how a lot of us had similar ideas on what we did not like. It all had to do with the maintenance of our residence halls and our dorms. We also talked about how some people wanted more social activities with their Ra's. It was fun to be in a room with students that came to brown within similar processes.
After the dinner Robin Rose invited us to a small concert on Brown campus. It was exhilarating to watch and hear the singing about freedom and the piano play. I enjoyed every second of it. I had such a great time.One of the many things to do on my last week at Brown.


Don Gosney said...


I would love to read more about what you found good and what you found bad about this whole experience.

When you tell people like us about these things, we can also pass them along to people who are in charge of making changes. If we don’t know, though, there’s nothing we can say or do.

Won’t you share a little more with us?

Madeline Kronenberg said...


I agree with Don. It would be very helpful to us to learn what worked and what didn't work for you so we can try to adjust for next year.

Besides the RAs (something only Dean Rose can have an effect upon), what else would you say could have been done differently -- and what really worked well?

Give it some thought and let us know.

Enjoy your last few days.