Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Last Monday.

Today was pretty normal. In class we had a lecture about pot, discussion in our groups about the articles we read over the weekend, and had two more group presentations.

No doubt about it, my favorite part about today was having pizza with Dean Robin Rose. At 6 pm, our group went over to have dinner with her and other students who are here on a scholarship. When we walked in the door, I was surprised that some of the students were from my class. It wasn't until I received an email invitation to this dinner that I found out that there are more than 90 students attending a Summer@Brown course with the help of programs like ILC. I liked how we were all able to connect on that level. After dinner, the group split up into three groups in order to discuss our classes and living here at Brown. We talked about our likes (such as teachers and learning material) and dislikes (like bathrooms and the floor activities), but the one part of our conversation that stuck in my mind was when we discussed the intimidation factor. Most of us come from schools where we are one of the best students and for me, it gets extremely intimidating when I am put into a class with the best and the brightest from other schools. However, Ms. Rose told us that whenever we feel this way, we must remember that we were chosen for this program because someone saw a special quality in each and every one of us. This is great advice for the future especially since college is only a year away. I know it may be a bit frightening when I am in college and am faced with a bunch of the top students from their high schools. However, they probably feel the same way. And I must remember to keep working and to never lose my motivation.

We then went to watch Branice McKenzie and Richard Cumming's concert. It was amazing! I took a couple videos and I just wanted to share the incredible music we heard tonight:

*my video would not upload, so I will have to find some way to post it tomorrow morning.


Madeline Kronenberg said...


I am so glad that Dr. Robin Rose hosted the event for the all the students on "programs" to attend.

I appreciate your candor regarding the intimidation factor -- and I am struck by how you focused in on Dr. Rose's wisdom. You were all chosen because "someone" saw a special quality in you. The lesson is to grow that "special quality" -- you all already have it, just nurture it. And let the rest take care of it self --"someone" is always out there noticing.

The concert sounds wonderful -- I couldn't wait for your upload (although I am looking forward to it) so I found Branice McKenzie's Myspace page and listened to her there. Here's the link:


Keep on enjoying and stay special.

Don Gosney said...


It was refreshing to read in some detail about your meeting with Dr. Rose.

I’m optimistic that she listened to your comments—both the god and the bad—and will use them to tweak the program to make improvements.

All of your life you’ll probably find yourself in situations where you’ll be around people who may seem to be better off than you. Likewise, and you’ve probably seen this at Richmond High, you’ll also be in situations where others will look at you in the same way. All I can suggest to you is to work so you can be proud of who and what you are. Whether you’re more successful, wealthier, or prettier than others may never be something under your control so worry about those things that ARE under your control. DO the best that you can so you can stand tall and proud.