Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Start Of The End

Today was a wonderful day I woke energized and much better than I felt over the weekend. In class we talked the movie that we watched on Sunday night which was "Freedom Song" and then we watched a documentary that was called "Let Freedom Sing." It was so powerful and it made me realize how singing really brought the movement together. I believe if it wasn't for music the civil rights movement would not have been so powerful because the people would not of had the motivation to do what they did.

Then later on today I went to my teachers concert. I already knew that she could sing from class but tonight just brought all my thoughts together. She song freedom songs and you could tell that she really felt the words that she was singing. She worked with Harry Belafonte for tens years and many others. I recorded some of her singing I will see if I can upload it so you guys can experience what I did.

Overall I had a great day and I'm kind of sad that things are ending.
-Tiffany Carter


Madeline Kronenberg said...


I'm glad you had the chance to come to the realization about music and the Civil Rights movement. It sounds like you have a very creative, committed instructor.

I hope you can upload the concert -- I'm looking forward to hearing it.

I'm happy you are enjoying your time -- savor each day.

Don Gosney said...


We experience great days so infrequently that when we do we need to embrace them to our bosom and savor the moments for as long as we can.

It’s great that you had such a day today.