Sunday, June 28, 2009

Brunch & Wellesley

I've come to learn that in life nothing comes easy, I've learned that in order to succeed one must go out and do what needs to be done without relying too much on solely one person, yet we have to make connections with people in order to succeed. Hearing the speeches today got me thinking more in depth about my future, and what my goals are for the next 5,10,15,and even 20 years. Today as I was talking to Mercedes Domenech I learned something about myself....that even though I do not like Brown's open campus I do love the fact that they provide a program in which one is guaranteed medical school here at Brown and that is a resource that I want to take advantage of.

Walking in the Wellesley campus was incredible! Not just because of the astounding architecture and being surrounded by nature but because of the vibe it gave off. It was a place in which I could see myself reading a book or doing homework next to the lake and walking through the narrow staircase to class. Just a place in which I can be relaxed but not isolated from the world either. The school is strong in science which is something that I'm looking for in a school apart from it being small (there are only 2,000 students in the school) and the school providing studying abroad programs. Wellesley definitely fits into the spectrum of the type of schools I am looking for.

Thank you,
Carla J. Ramirez


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Charles Tillman Ramsey said...

Carla, thanks for your comments. They are right on the mark. I agree that Wellesley is a good fit for you. When we were walking the grounds I got the sense that you enjoyed the senerity and beauty of the campus. The closed quarters provides one a chance at reflection and also gives one a chance to find oneself.

Thanks again for your positive comments.

Take care.

Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
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