Sunday, June 28, 2009

Interesting Day

As I explained in my last blog Tiffany and I went to orientation. After orientation we had brunch with alumns and admissions officers. That brunch sure was something different. I have never had brunch with new fancy types of foods in a fancy room haha. It was overall interesting. The thing that had me thinking the most was when we went over what would we like to do with our leadership skills. Everyone had different ideas, but basically the same concept. I want to be able to help kids find opportunities such as the ILC (or any organization or opportunity) and let it be known to more people. With great opportunities such as this people can have chances to go to different places and experience a completely different life. Ever since I arrived here I felt like I was living the rich life and I actually feel like im in college and learning what I have to do to make it in the world. I want to enlighten younger crowds so that they can take advantage of these things earlier than I had so that they can experience more of it. After the brunch I went out and met my roommate who is a pretty cool guy whose name is ganeu which rhymes with canoe haha, and he's from south korea. I got to chill with my RA's today and got to know who everybody on my floor is and what they are all about. So far I only saw two football players other than myself, and everyone seems to know about sports. We also played a fun card game that let us all bond more, but the girls had to kick us out of the lounge and ruin our fun. But overall this day was interesting. This world is different than my usual one.

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Don Gosney said...


It's great to hear from you and to learn that your eyes are being opened.

I'm a little concerned, though to read that "the girls had to kick us out of the lounge and ruin our fun". What's that all about. Sounds like maybe there's more to that story and even another side to it all. You need to amplify a bit so we can determine whether you were the aggressor or the victim.