Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hey everyone! This is Cynthia, Meuy, Gina and Courtney! We've just finished an extra long day of class. We've spent a really long time trying to finish our homework assignments and we've decided to take a break and write a quick blog.

Other than class, we've just been doing college-student type things. We worked out today! We all went to the OMAC (the name of the gym) and explored. We tried lifting weights but all the boys stared at us funny. Ms. Kent told us that it will be warmer by Thursday which is something to look forward to.

In class today, we went over how to design experiments successfully. Afterwards, we broke into our small discussion groups and talked about the reading the previous night. It was really interesting to hear about what the other students had to say, and their insight was really valuable. We met tons of the students and we even had lunch with some of them!

After we worked out and ate, we started on homework immediately. Since we're blogging now, you should have an idea about how long it took us to do the homework. I'm glad that they're giving us this sort of work now because it'll give us time to get use to this type of workload. This is nothing like it is in high school! This is much harder.

Until next time!

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Don Gosney said...

To all,

I hope no one tried to fool you when you signed up for all of this that collegiate life is a walk in the park. This is real time, now, and the stakes are high and they're for real.

I don't want to throw a scare into any of you but the rest of life isn't a cake walk either. Every day you'll probably be challenged and then you die. I'm still searching the Internet for a syllabus for the afterlife but I hear that there are some places in the afterlife that get even rougher.

When you send these group blogs, who does the writing? And is the thinking done collectively, too?