Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Working in the Lab

Hello everyone! Just doing a last minute blog before I go to sleep. Today was a long day, an hour and a half of lecture in the morning not a great idea! I was so confused, I don't understant the level of vocabulary that these rising sophomores and juniors are using....I feel dumb compared to the other students in the classroom.

Thank goodness that the afternoon was so much better though. We went to the lab and looked at slides in the microscope and we had to draw and label what we saw. Today I learned about Epithelia. Sounds great doesn't it?

Didn't rain much today so I was happy about that! I got to spend more time with my lab partner Kara and some more people from my class room. A few of us from my class hung out and ate lunch to get to know each other better.

Other than reading I have to research: Andrgen Insensitirity Syndrome and present it the third week. If anyone happens to know anything about the syndrome feel free to help me out!

Carla Ramirez