Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Second Day

Today was pretty much like yesterday, except I got up a hour earlier. Yay for me. I went to the V-Dub and had lunch. Ran a couple of errands, or otherwise called shopping. :) When I got back to my dorm I went over my homework. Very important. I then picked up my book from this printing and copying store called Alegra. Then off to class I went. I'm stupendously glad my teacher isn't boring, because usually the time that I am in class is nap time. We also watch movies which is a great mind stimulator, or at least for me. After class my floor/class mate and I went to the V-Dub for dinner, which wasn't too bad. And now here I am, in my dorm, writing a blog. Overall today was a slightly busy but good day.

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