Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Second day of classes done. Some are very busy with reading and homework but all seem to be content and interested in classes. No problems with roommates and everyone seems to be making friends. They were all very happy to know they could get a sweatshirt, complements of ILC so they are anxiously waiting for their sizes to come in after the initial sell-out.
Yesterday I had a pleasant surprise with a phone call from Mr Ramsey, Mr Crossley and the gang at Cornell. They all sound happy and excited ( because it is hot and sunny maybe?) and it was great to touch base with them.
I spent the day organizing receipts, planning visits to nearby colleges and visiting the RISD Museum, which is just fabulous, everything from Picasso and Monet to Warhol and Karsh. I am going to suggest strongly that the students find the time to go, although I know they are busy.
Every Tues-Fri , at 4pm, Brown hosts a class called "College Success Series". Some of the topics are "Transition to College Writing", "Finding your voice in Class" and "Managing the College Workload" The sessions are repeated weekly so I have required that the students attend each
one. I am sure they will be very valuable. So, all is well, and will keep you posted.

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Don Gosney said...


The news from Providence is sounding good.

If we had know what the impact of a free sweatshirt was going to be on some of these kids, maybe we should have tied it into their blog performances. Incentive plans can be very rewarding.

As you learn more about these afternoon classes, maybe you can enlighten us. They sound not only interesting but also valuable.