Saturday, June 27, 2009

Boston for a Day

No one wants to wake up early. It took much strength and commitment for me to force myself up at 7:15 to get ready for Boston. I washed up, put on some tourist style clothes, grabbed my bag and that was that. Then Courtney, Cynthia, Gina, and I walked to Wayland Arch and anticipated the arrival of Ms.Kent and Mr.Ramsey. We heard a honk, well more like a couple of honks and we ran to the car to grab our seat. Then we headed down to a Bagel Shop on Thayer Street for breakfast. When we were finally full and ready for the journey to Boston, we hopped in the car and set the GPS system to our destination.

It was a pretty long ride so I attempted to sleep in the back seat of the car but failed. I just looked out the window to admire what nature has to offer. When we finally arrived at Tufts, I admit it did not interest me. We walked around for a while and we asked some random students about Tufts. What I found out was that students enjoy Tufts because it is like the best of both worlds. It has an undergraduate population of 5,000 students and is situated in a suburban area. Overall, I really like the campus but I do not think it is for me.

From Tufts, we headed towards M.I.T. to meet up with Eric, a former student of Hercules High, who gave us a tour of the school. The first thing I noticed about M.I.T. was that it is an open campus. No gates or anything limiting the access of the school to others. It is funny how something so simple can impact my decision; I really like the openness of the school. Not only that but I really adore how they comically rally the support for math and science. They seem to relate everything to math and science such as the Student Support Services, they call it S^3(S cube). There was also a building that was built on the concept of balancing 1/8th of a sphere. Another interesting building was the 30, 60, 90 triangle. Eric also pointed out the building that was shaped as a sin symbol. I thought that was pretty impressive.

Next, we went to Harvard. Now going back to Harvard, I find that I am not very interested in applying there. I like that it is integrated into the city to an extent but it also contained it privacy but I feel that there is not enough for me to do there. It do not seem as interesting as M.I.T. I do not know how to express it in words but at M.I.T. I get a vibe that I did not receive from any where else that we visited.

So far, I an considering Brown and M.I.T.

I know that I have to work extra hard to get into these schools but I will not feel discouraged. I feel that M.I.T. can be the right place for me and if I really do desire to attend it, I will strive for it.

By the way, my pictures are taking really long to load thus I will not be able to post them until tomorrow.

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Charles Tillman Ramsey said...


Nice post and thanks for your insight. I saw that you were paying a great deal of attention when we were at MIT with the tour provided by Eric Trac. Yes, these schools are hard and you will have to redouble your efforts. However, you have the talent and hopefully you will have the drive when you return to Richmond High School this fall.

Now that you have had a chance to explore and see what the East Coast has to offer this is now your chance to "go for it". I took note of your tearful explanation about your mothers fear of you leaving home, but it was especially poignant when the waiter with the water bottle passing by chimed in that "family will always be with you no matter where you are". This was a symbolic moment and one that will last with me for a very long time.

Meuy, you have the gifts and you have a compelling story. We need for you to overcome those fears and take the next step to greatness. It is refreshing to read about your thoughts and how you are determined to do your best and give it a first class try.

The sponsors and supporters of the ILC are with you and we want you to take those "bold steps" and weave your way into this community. Now is the time and I hope that I have served as a positive role model and a good mentor. I know that you have mentioned in the past that you look up to no one, but I hope that I have had at least had left a positive impression with you.

So, thanks for taking the trip and sharing your inner most hopes and fears. Now is the time during your senior year to go to the next level. See you later today at our brunch with the Brunch University alums.

Take care.

Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
School Board Member
West Contra Costa
Unified School District