Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's Finally the Weekend!

I finally remembered to bring my camera to class today so I have a few photos to share!

Anyways, this morning's lecture was mainly about depression with a touch of mania. I thought it was interesting that depression, like schizophrenia,tends to run in families. Also, I liked how Dr. J mentioned the signs of this disorder in college students, such as social isolation, dropping grades, and acting out misery since we will all be going to college soon and if we know the signs, maybe we can help someone out.

After the lecture, my discussion group talked about the ending of The Quiet Room and what we thought about the movie, "A Beautiful Mind," we watched yesterday. I thought it was funny how after talking about schizophrenia for the majority of the week, several of us started questioning ourselves and wondering if we really had this disorder and had hallucinations.

Once discussion time was over, the entire class came back together to hear Dr. J's lecture on intelligence. Actually, it wasn't a lecture, but instead he asked all of us what components we thought made up intelligence. Surprisingly, our list was pretty close when compared to the list made by researchers.

I love this class! And I know I made the right choice in choosing this subject to learn about this summer. Although some of the subjects we talk about are a bit depressing at times, the topics are so interesting to learn about and I'm considering psychology as a possible major.

After lunch, I met with my presentation group and we actually finished our PowerPoint today! I was surprised and thought we would need another day to finish, but I'm relieved we got everything done since I know this will be a busy weekend. Then, I went with Joseph to meet up with Gina, Meuy, Cynthia, and Karen (our friend from Texas!) to watch "Transformers" (which I highly recommend!) since it was Karen's birthday today. We then stopped by my room to surprise the birthday girl with an ice cream cake.

I must get to sleep now since tomorrow is going to be a long day! I can't wait to go to Boston, visit the colleges, and meet up with the two other ILC Brown students.

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