Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Brown Contingent is Now Whole

Early this morning the last of our Brown cohorts gathered in front of El Cerrito High waiting for their chariot to whisk them off to SFO so they could join the rest of the Brownies who have been preparing Brown University for their coming.

Zackery Taylor and Tiffany Carter will be taking, respectively, Leadership for Social Change and Leadership and the Civil Rights Movement.

Escorting them back east, Ivy League Connection co-founder Madeline Kronenberg also joined them for the traditional departure photo before their Lincoln Town Car arrived at 3:00 AM to ferry them in style to await their plane.

Rather than flying directly to Providence, this group will fly to Boston where they’ll join the rest of the Brown contingent that will be touring historic Boston and visiting the many colleges and universities situated there. Later this evening, after experiencing the dining excellence that Boston offers, the group will take the train back to Providence to prepare for their studies.

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