Saturday, June 27, 2009


Good afternoon!

I've been sifting through the blogs about everyone's day in Boston and everyone seems like they had a good day. So did I. I felt like it was a very informative day, and I got a lot of out of it. Whether the tours were self-guided or guided by former Hercules students, it was awesome.

However, one campus that really stood out to me today was MIT. I never thought about the school as anything other than a great school. I thought it would be out of my reach, that only dorks go there. I thought it was only for high achievers, and for people that have studied math all their lives and impossible to get into for people like me. But, today when we took the tour with Eric Trac, I changed my mind.

You can ask anybody that was there, but I was really excited about the campus. It was integrated into the city, but still the buildings were close enough to walk through them without losing our breaths. They were connected by an underground tunnel which is a really clever way to avoid snow days. The buildings were amazing; one of them looked like a sine curve when you looked at the top down view, one of them was a 30-60-90 triangle built from the ground up, one of them was just CRAZY, with all the arches and curves and everything. The buildings and the architecture was so amazing. It made me really excited to visit the campus, and it opened my eyes to a whole new college to consider for the coming fall, when it is time to fill out college applications. Visiting MIT made the whole trip worthwhile to me.

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Charles Tillman Ramsey said...


It was nice to see you open up in this post. I was beginning to wonder if this experience had value for you. In reading this post I see that MIT became a school of interest.

Cynthia, you are a person who needs a challenge, like Joseph, and I see that MIT may be a school that gets you motivated and that Eric Trac provided the needed spark to have you see a school that will make you compete.

MIT is a like Mt. Everest and now you have the desire and drive to make the climb. I am so proud of you and now when You return to El Cerrito High School I want to see the same passion there that you have exhibited in this post to the sponsors and supporters of the ILC. Now is your time to show our community that we can have one of our own, like Eric, attend such a rigorous school.

No, MIT is not for dorks, it is for the very best that want to sit at the table of world leaders. Now this is your chance to stay in contact with Eric and have him support you through what will be a challenging and difficult period. How will you connect? How will you take the next step and keep in mind that we want you at MIT and that we want you to continue to pursue excellence.

Thanks for sharing.

Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
School Board Member
West Contra Costa
Unified School District