Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Day of Incoming Knowledge

Today I felt very Privileged to have been able to get the chance to get a close view at Tufts, MIT, and Harvard. We awoke a 7:30 to be able to eat breakfast and head straight to Massachusetts.
I have been told by me college counselor Ms. Sue Kim about Tufts that this would be a good school for me being a liberal arts school. Now being able to actually psychically be there and get the up close look and learn from a few students willing to talk us I have decided that tufts will be on my list of colleges to apply.

After Tufts we headed off to MIT to meet with a former Hercules High student whom is now a student at MIT to gives us a tour of the school. There were so many interesting things that i learned about this school. Even though I don't think that this school is a good match for me I am now able to go back home and share what I learned today with all of my fellow classmates interested in MIT.

At Harvard again we met with another former student from Hercules whom gave us a tour of Harvard as well. The campus was so beautiful, but once again I did not think that this was a school made for me.

After a long day of exploring on these three school's campuses I along with everyone else was exhausted. Yet I do not regret going on this trip because I got to see that Tufts is a school for me and learned information on each that I can share with everyone I know.

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Charles Tillman Ramsey said...


Your process of evaluating these three schools was enlightening. I am sure that Tufts is in line with your personality. I am sorry that you will not have the opportunity to join today's group that will venture to Wellesley this afternoon. I feel taht Wellesley is also a good fit. Hopefully, you will embrace the chance and reconsider not visiting the campus this afternoon. Your homework assigment is not going anywhere, but the chance to visit this highly selective college will not be present after today, oh well.

However, I could see that you were absorbing all of the information provided on the tour and that you are open to new ideas. Continue your educational journey, I can see the tremendous growth that is taking place in your mind.

I do hope that you share with the readers how the ILC has had an impact on you and what needs to happen at Richmond High School with changing attitudes about becoming part of a College Going Culture. What do we need to do to make this come alive with those students and how do we spur them to become more insightful and inquisitive. Your thoughts and impressions are valued and will be useful. By the way, is Brown University still on your list of schools?

Take care.

Charles T.Ramsey, Esq.
School Board Member
West Contra Costa
Unified School District